Personal Code of Ethics

By: Landon Flesher


Ethics is concerned with between right and wrong with human actions.


A set of standards set and enforced by a agency for public safety, health, etc. (Ex. dress code)

Work hard in school

  • Get all A's or B's on all report cards.
  • Turn all homework on time.
  • Be nice to all people
  • Do not break or damage anything
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Volunteer in Church

  • Work the media in the kids (K-5th grade) service.
  • Work the media in the students (6-12th grade) service.
  • Work good with other volunteers.
  • Be prepared before all the services start.
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Don't be late to anything

  • Be early to everything.
  • Don't turn work in late.
  • Don't be late to any event.
  • Do not procrastinate.
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Use your manners

  • Use your manners with everyone.
  • Use "Please and Thank you".
  • Have a positive attitude with people.
  • Work good with everyone.
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