Andrew Jackson

One of Our Worst Presidents Ever!

The Cause of The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson killed thousands of Native Americans during his life time. He slaughtered men and their families just to achieve more land. He even made the Cherokee, a Native American people group who adapted to the U.S. way of life, leave their home so that Jackson could have the gold in their land. With the Cherokee, many Native American tribes were forced to leave their homes and live in Oklahoma.

The Nullification Crisis

While Andrew Jackson was in office, he passed a tariff which shut off all trade of imported goods to/from the Southern states. The South has little manufacturing anyways and they still rely on imported goods. South Carolina was especially mad about what Jackson did so they threatened to secede from the Union. In response, Congress passed the Force Bill to force South Carolina to pay tariffs by sending the U.S. Army. Andrew Jackson also threatened to hang John C. Calhoun, his former Vice President, if they didn't pay their tariffs. South Carolina quickly gave up and accepted the 1833 Compromise Tariff.
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"Spoils System"

Andrew Jackson was in favor of appointing his supporters government jobs no matter how qualified they are. He didn't care who you were or how good at your job you were, he would kick you out and appoint another person in your place. A total bum could be given the job Treasurer and those all the nation's money. The "Spoils System" is one of the worst things to enact for a nation's security. Jackson should have only appointed qualified candidates for the jobs.
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Andrew Jackson Poilitical Cartoon

This political cartoon of Andrew Jackson fighting a multi-headed monster represents Jackson fighting the national bank. Many people were trying to stop Jackson from shutting down the bank because it held most of the nation's money. Jackson thought it on benefited the wealthy, not the "common man." Jacksonbrought the issue to Congress but Congress refused to allow the shut down the bank. Jackson didn't listen and soon destroyed the national bank without Congress's permission.