Should Young Athletes Play Football

Should players rethink their decision to play?

Are you considering playing American Football? Or are you already playing? Either way, are you aware of the life changing risks of the sport? Seriously, according to the Orlando Orthopedic Center, "140,000 high school student-athletes suffer concussions annually nationwide.” This is one reason people are against football - because it causes serious injuries. But many more people say that football teaches kids life lessons and keep them healthy. Some say that the sport is an American tradition. The fact is that this debate won't die down anytime soon. The question is: should youth athletes play football? Football can greatly benefit kids. So yes, they should play football.

Football keeps young athletes healthy, and even teaches moral lessons. To begin with, according to Amir Khan from US News , “A lifelong interest and commitment to health and fitness has never been more important as we face a widespread increase in sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity". Football is a sport that keeps kids active, and encourages them to have a healthy lifestyle. The text says that being healthy and fit is now more important than ever, and football helps kids know that. Football also teaches other lessons. Jennifer Shotz writes, “Young athletes learn discipline, focus, teamwork- skills that will help them be successful later in life”. Parents would probably like their kids to be responsible, and this text confirms that football definitely helps with that!

In short, Football can be an important part of kids lives. It is true that the sport has many risks, especially concussions, which are extremely serious. But Football has many benefits that outweigh the risks. Football helps kids maintain a healthy lifestyle. It even prepares them for later life! For those of you playing Football, or going to play, you should be aware of the risks. But know that Football can change your life. (In a good way!) :3