Massachusetts 54th Regiment

By: Ethan Grissom

Exactly who was the 54th Regiment???

The Massachusetts 54th Regiment consisted of all African Americans, and a some white officers. The regiment had a total of 1044 men. They were the first blacks to fight in the Civil War, they were volunteers and untrained.

What did they do??

The Regiment was not well trained, but went to fight at Fort Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina, a key Confederate Port. The whole Union was interested to see how the Regiment would do. So they were to capture a Southern Fort and prove blacks could fight

Important men to the regiment.

Fort Wagner

How did they do???

In Fort Wagner, they were severely out numbered, and had very little chance for victory. But they fought bravely. About half of them died including Captain Robert Gould Shaw. However, they did big damage to the Fort, and proved that African Americans could fight. Eventually 100,000 African Americans fought in the Civil War, which was 10% of the Union army.

Why are they important today?

The Massachusetts 54th Regiment was the first regiment to have all black soldiers. Without them millions of blacks would have never fought for our country if not for them.

Hope you learned something