Hurst Hills 6th Grade Newsletter

Week 4.4: February 12-16, 2018

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HEB Core Messages

1. Students are responsible for their learning.

2. Quality teachers and effective schools are essential to students’ learning.

3. Parents and patrons are vital partners in the educational process.

4. A safe environment for every student and employee is a prerequisite to learning.

5. Decisions and actions, at all levels, focus and support effective student learning.

Important Dates

Feb. 14---Valentine's Day Parties @ 2:00

Feb. 15---Social Studies CBA-1, Spring School Pictures, Family Writing Night 6-7pm

Feb. 16---HEB District Geography Bee @ 9:30am @ Pat May Center

Feb. 24---Cowtown 5K for HHE Running Club

Feb. 27 & 28---Science CBA-3

Feb. 28---Reading Counts due

Mar. 2---Early Dismissal 11:50 am, End of 4th 6-Weeks, Maker Space Mania

Mar. 3---HEB Showcase

Mar. 6---Reading DBA-2, Crusing Through the Continents Program @ 6:00

Mar. 12-Mar. 16---Spring Break

Mar. 27---Math/Science Family Engagement Night 6:30-7:30pm

Mar. 30---School Holiday (Good Friday)

Mar. 31---Mrs. Turney's birthday

ONLINE: Grades / Progress Reports / Report Cards

You can go online for your child's current grades, progress reports and report cards. Please go to Home Access Center under the Parents/Students tab on the HEBISD website to see your child's progress reports & report cards. You can also go to:

HEB ISD Student Showcase

This is a come and go event...

HEB ISD is hosting it's 2nd Annual Student Showcase. This is an opportunity for community members to get more insight for schools and special programs that HEB has to offer.

When: March 3, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM - 1: 00 PM

Where: Buinger Career and Technical Education Academy

1849 Central Drive, Bedford, TX 76022

Date: Saturday - March 03, 2018

HEB ISD's Student Showcase is a FREE community-wide event. At the Showcase, your family can participate in hands-on activities, hear student performances, and explore HEB ISD's state-of-the-art Buinger Career & Technical Education Academy.

  • Free hands-on activities for all ages
  • Performances by PreK - 12th grade students
  • Food, fun, and music for the whole family (concessions will be available for purchase)
  • Come see why HEB ISD is the place to be!
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January: Perseverance Awards

Mark Smith & Noah Shufford

February: Kindness Awards

Amber Munoz, Preslie Harris & Gabby Torres

Spring Pictures February 15th

Mark your calendar for spring picture day! There is no need to send money. After picture day, you will received a portrait package to review and purchase.

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Congratulations Elisabeth Kiu!

Elisabeth participated in the district spelling bee on March 26, 2018. She "out spelled" students from all twenty elementary schools and 7th and 8th grade students from 4 of the 5 junior high campuses in HEB ISD. Hurst Hills is proud to have Elisabeth represent our school as District Spelling Bee as runner up for the 2017-2018 school year!

Family Engagement Nights in HEBISD

02/13/18 @ 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Harrison Lane Elementary @ 1000 Harrison Lane, Hurst

For Parents of SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN Parent University: Parenting a Child with ADHD – Learn effective ways of addressing issues that are common to the ADHD child. Childcare provided

We need KLEENEX!

With the cold and flu season upon us....we are using kleenex like crazy. Any extra donations of boxes of tissues would be greatly appreciated!
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Mad About Math: Mrs. Lundgren

Students have been learning basic algebra! Students will be able to solve and graph algebraic equations and inequalities by the end of next week. We are also focusing on showing our work and checking it by filling in the variable that we solved.
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The Reading Nook: Mrs. Toepfer

"When I say to a parent, 'Read to a child,' I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate. "

— Mem Fox

Students may use the catalog on the Hurst Hills library website to find wonderful books they can check out right here at school. Students can search by Lexile level, title, author, subject, and other attributes. Please see my website for other Reading Counts information and resources. Good books are always available to our students from our school library and my classroom library no matter what their Lexile ranges may be.

Rotation 1: By the end of this unit, students will demonstrate the ability to:

---recognize that syntax means arranging sentence parts for effect and that syntactical choices affect the author’s style and voice

---review parts of speech learned earlier this year and analyze the parts of speech as building blocks of all we read and write

---understand that artful writing is built upon purposefully arranging four main writers’ tools: words, phrases, clauses, and sentences

---identify roots and stems, apply them to new words, and incorporate them into daily vocabulary

---build and apply background knowledge to appreciate the historical significance and parallels between Twain’s America and England during the time period of The Prince and the Pauper

Rotations 2 & 3: By the end of this unit, students will demonstrate the ability to:

---analyze images to clarify and enhance comprehension.

---show understanding of structural elements unique to the genre of poetry

---show understanding of literary elements in poetry

---make inferences and draw conclusions about the text and use textual evidence

---make predictions about the text, confirm their predictions

---identify literary language and devices used in memoirs and personal narratives

---use personal schema and textual information to infer and draw conclusions from biographies/autobiographies

---provide evidence from text to support the author’s purpose

---generate questions before, during, and after reading to understand the author’s message

---determine an author’s style, content, or format

---identify key (main) ideas or themes as they read

---distinguish the main idea from facts and details

---combine multiple key ideas from text to produce a summary of the text

---distinguish between important and unimportant information in relation to the key ideas or themes in the text

---utilize text structures and text features to help them distinguish important from unimportant information

---compose a multi-paragraph essay that ANSWERS THE QUESTION ASKED and includes: an effective introduction and conclusion, a clearly stated controlling idea/thesis statement, logical organization with appropriate facts and details with no extraneous information or inconsistencies,a variety of sentence structures, rhetorical devices, and transitions to link paragraphs

RC Due by Dates: 2/28, 4/18, and 5/9

***These dates are absolute. There are no late days to complete the RC requirements.

Science Corner: Mrs. Turney

Cells: Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic

BIG IDEA: All organisms are made of cells. All cells are either prokaryotic or eukaryotic.

1. How does the cell theory help us determine something is living or non-living?

2. What are the characteristics of a prokaryotic & eukaryotic cell?

Social Studies & World Cultures: Mrs. Turney

Economics Learning Goals—

1. What is economics?

2. What is the difference between wants & needs?

3. What are the factors of production?

4. What is an entrepreneur?

5. What are some different methods of production?

6. What is scarcity, and how does it affect the functioning of an economy?

7. What do we mean when we say the world’s economies are interdependent?

8. What are the different ways societies produce and distribute goods?

9. Compare market, mixed, socialist and command economies in countries around the world, including the United States. What are the pros & cons of these different systems?

10. How can you describe the economic development of various societies using indicators such as life expectancy, gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita, and literacy?

Homework Helpers

High School students are here to help students of all ages with their homework and to introduce them to their fabulous website "Brainfuse Homework Help". If students want some one on one help with a high school student, come on Monday or Thursday evenings from 6 pm until 8 pm to the Bedford Public Library. Tutoring is located in the children's section with sign-up at the Kid's Desk.

We Love Our Library

Visit the Hurst Hills Library Website:

Library December Newsletter:

**The December Infotopia Newsletter is out. Students will find resources for citing sources, holiday traditions in other countries, and the Holocaust (coincidentally, I’ve gotten lots of requests on this topic the past few weeks).

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