The development thirteen colonies.

The thirteen colonies developed because of the trades in the 13 colonies,religion in the 13 colonies,the Government in the 13 colonies,economic activities in the 13 colonies and the differences between the New England,middle and southern colonies.One of the reason the thirteen colonies developed was because of the trading posts.Because of the trading posts,the trades were easier and different parts of the thirteen colonies had different things from different parts of the thirteen colonies.

List of the thirteen colonies

Virginia,Connecticut,Delaware,New jesrsey,New York,New hemisphere,North Carolina,Georgia,Maryland,Pennslyvia,Rhode island,South Carolina and Massachusetts.


Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the British monarchy during the American Revolutionary War.Most of the loyalists were farmers,labourers and tradespeople.They were of varied cultural background and most of the them were new immigrants.The white loyalists brought a large number of slaves with them.The main waves of loyalists became Canada in 1783 and 1784.The territory (maritime provinces)became home to more than 30 000 people.
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The decleration of independence.

The reason why the declaration of independence happened was because they signed a treaty for the American colonists to have freedom.It all started when the king of England raised taxes for tea. Americans started protesting and got split into two groups: Loyalists, who still wanted the King of England as ruler over America , and Patriots, who wanted independence. Later the Patriots raded a ship that was carrying tea from England to America and threw the tea over board. This all leaded to a big war, with the patriots getting them their independence.
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The fall of BNA.