Lunch Bunch

Junior High Reading Club

Magazines, eBooks and print books, oh my!

Love to read? Need to move through that Book Report book? Want to read your favorite magazine or today's newspaper?

Then join us for Lunch Bunch, the Monday lunchtime junior high reading club in Library! Grab your lunch and your book, magazine, newspaper or ebook and come on over to the Table Area of the Library to eat and read silently!

Oh yeah - grab your friends too!

Mondays, 11:30am - noon, Library

Enter through the JH doors,

swing by the desk to check off your attendance,

and find a place in the Table Area.

Remember -- SILENT reading is the name of the game!

Oh, did we mention PRIZES?!! Occasionally we'll surprise you with prizes for great attendance, and little treats and trinkets just because you come!

You won't want to miss Lunch Bunch! It's the Monday lunchtime place to be!

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