Task 1

by Matthew breeze

Specific attributes

when it come to attributes there to to types one if the types is attributes and the other is specific attributes. The difference between them is that job attributes is that they are skill that are need to work for a set company for example knowing css or java for a job is a specific attribute.

the reason for having a knowledge or java is good for a company because they needed someone that can code in java they are not going to give the job to some that does not know java this is because they will not need training they will be able to start immediately. They will understand there way around the code they can be able to create the programs and also fix them if this is needed. There for having a good knowledge of the code will be need so they know that you are qualified and have good experience in the coding field.

General attributes

When it come to General attributes is does not matter what type of job that you are applying for this is because they are need in any job that you are competing for some of the general attributes that could set you apart form the other is: planning, organised, managing time, knowing other languages.

The reason that a company/business looks for general attributes such as well organised is because they want to know that the employ is organised there for this can tell allot about the employ this i because this means that they are look after what they are doing they know where every thing is so they can find things if the think they are lost this means they wont be accountable if anything goes missing because they know where everything is that they have used.


This is a skill that is given to a person that has a type or characteristics that could be : independent , determinant, dependable, has a high tolerance, good problem solving,

The reason for the employer is looking for skills like being independent is because they want to know if the employee has the capability of handling the responsibility on there own or so they know that they can give them a task to do on there own and it will be completed interdependently there for they can give them small task to do such as count the stock of one or more items that have been selected. or so that is stead of distract a group of people they can give the task to one person so they are not using to much of there man power on on job/task there for being more efficient.


General communication

For a convocation to happen you need to have some one or a group of people to talk to and know some or all of there languages for effectively explaining or communicating. However there can be some differentials such as cultural this is because you will need to consider what you are saying and how you say it because some words or gestures could be found offensive in one language and not in another so you will need consider what you are saying and how you will say it. Another factor to take into consideration is age this is because you will need to ensure you use appropriate words so they know what you are talking about. Also you will need to only use facts this is because if you use opinion then you can be found wrong or lire and then you will not be taken serous no mater what.

The reason for ensuring that you adapt your language for the audience now that we are living in a society where we live among a multi cultural world with all ages you need to ensure that we don't used language of gestures that will offend people that are of another ethnic background or age range as you. This allows you no reach the audience that it intends to and also they will understand what you are saying.

interpersonal skills

For a conversation to start you need at least 2 or more people. In this conversation there will be as point of convocation of a topic this could be spoken or written down. However interpersonal is how you present the conversation such as signals, facial expressions, body language or sincerely these are all parts of interpersonal skills this is because it is all skill that you have to keep the people interested in the convocation or to address the audience or even can be used to add effect or emphasis on a word.

Body language is very import when presenting this is because it can make the different form making the pretension being boring and to something that every one will keep there attention forces on the information. For example of you just stand and don't more and act very monotone then people will get broad and lose interest and your will almost be talking to a brick wall because they will not take-in the information. You need to keep good posture and more and use hand gestures to emphasize the information and keep them more interested by asking questions and pointing.

Communicate in writing

When it come to communicating in writing the fundamentals are different from the other form of communicating. This is because it takes a few skills to understand how the message should be structured and delivered and the ability to have good handwriting so they can read it. Also you need a really good understanding of the language also to be able to spell hand have a good and wide vocabulary at your disposal. So the intended message can be sent to the audience. This may seem like it would be a easy task but structuring it in away that they understand your point can be difficult.

Spelling and grammar is very important because it can be seen a professional and this will reflect on a good light for the company you work for or are applying to work for. When writing to a person that is external or internal to the business you should ensure the you reread your work because bad grammar or spelling could lead to a loss of business or miss communication and can show the business in a bad light.

Barriers of effective communication

Barriers to effective communication

When communicating correctly you need to consider the effects of potential barriers and how to over come them. For example if you where talking to a large group of people in a large area you will need to project your voice and speak clearly so the people who are in the area can hear you and also understand what you are say. for this example the large area and the was the barrier so they over come the barrier by speaking louder and clearly there for they can have effective communication to there audience.

Background noise and how to over come it

This barrier does not seem like it could be a big deal however any continues noise can such as a fan a or construction noises , clock, humming or taping can really though of someone convocation therefore losing interest in the speech.

How to over come this well if you are presenting to a audience and there is a background noise you can change the room that you are in or there is some that is responsible for the noise then you could just simple ask them to stop. However of you are creating a email and you are a room that is noise you can play quit music with headphone so that you block out the background noise of others or you can ask them to be quit so you can concordant because it is important . Or if the audience is can not take ion any of the information then create a audio document that will have the speech recorded so they can go back and listen to the speech at pick pout key information.

Distractions and how to over come it

A distraction is something that can take away there attention on the task a head this could be , Facebook twitter, YouTube, music, other people. All of these can be classed as a distraction to some one.

How to over come distractions you can use IT to help with this issue this is because you can use some form of program that will block all of the webpages that cab be considered as distracting to you this can help so you don't get side track when working. also if it is external device that is keeping you form doing your work then you should move away for it or turn the device of so you will not get distracted by it.

Lack of concentration and how to over come it

This is where a person can not keep focused and consecrated on the task they have to do. instead they will take in topics that are not related to what they are doing or they will find games that are on the internet and play them instead of completing the task ahead.

How to over come lack of concentration is the same way as over coming distractions you can use IT to help with this issue this is because you can use some form of program that will block all of the webpages that cab be considered as distracting to you this can help so you don't get side track when working. also if it is external device that is keeping you form doing your work then you should move away for it or turn the device of so you will not get distracted by it.

poor proofreading

This a problem because of spelling or grammar that is consistently incorrect this is very important because messages can be misinterpreted due to wrong spelling or incorrect grammar this can happen with in of the form that include written communication such as letter and emails.

When it come to proofreading it can easy be cover come this is due to the advancements in software. This is because you can is software that can scan your text and find misspelt words and they will make it apparent that they are incorrect therefore letting you change it so it is correct. There is also another program that allows you to put your text into a document and then it will read it out there for you can listen for the mistakes.


This barrier can impact so massively because the audience might not be able to read or write there for it might be hard to express your point if it is not a presentation where to talk to them.

techniques can be used to help communicate with people that have difficulty reading and writing the problem can be helped y using a program that put the writing into a document that then can be spoken by using the computers speakers this then allows them to be able to understand messages, emails letter, and much much more and gives you the ability to ensure that there is no miscommunication.

Physical and environmental

This is a major part of effective communication this is because some of the barriers can consist of climate, sounds, place, and time some of the barriers can be changed easily however some are not easy change therefore it could cause distraction this then could lead to a alter in the message and cause a misunderstanding due to errors.

How to over come physical and environmental barriers is of the climate is not how you like for example if you like your room to be cool the and it is to hot than try opening a window to let in some cold air or try a fan. if there is noise that is annoying you then try and find away of stopping the noise or move away until you van not hear it. For some of the harder one it is not as simple as it seem to over come them however there some ways of helping you cope such as if the time is late then you could consider having a 5 minutes nap to refresh your self or just try your best to stay way but having high energy foods or drinks and sat focusses on the task ahead. the placer is also a hard one to over come for example of there is something that annoys you about the place then you should try and move to a seat where you can no longer see it or change it if you can to point where you are OK with it.


It is very important that you use the correct terminology this is because using the incorrect terminology is poor communication and can lead to miscommunication due to misunderstand the topic of the conversation. For example if you use words such as things and stuff the context is to vague this then can lead to someone think you mean something that you don't there for using the correct name for the object of component is very important

It is rather simple to over come the barrier of jargon this because you can use tools that are built into the computer or something that is a book that is called a Thesaurus that can be used to look up the word and it will show you what words that you can use is stead of using words that might be classed as to technical for other people.