Trip to Honolulu


Honolulu facts

My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii.My destination is located in Hawaii ,it is Honolulu

I want to visit this place because it has a tropical environment where you can just relax and have fun.What makes this destination so great is you can have fun and relax and take a load off and not have to worry about what going to happen at school or at work. Some interesting facts about Honolulu is.Honolulu is the only city in the United States that is home to a royal palace.

More than 100 beaches surround Honolulu, more than almost any other city in the world.
Honolulu has one of the largest concentrations of Buddhist temples in the Western world, with over 30 spread through the city. Before Hawaii was founded by American it was owed by Russia , France and Britain . Hawaii saw a Major boom when granted statehood to Honolulu.Nearly 2,400 miles away from California Honolulu is the most remote place in america.Honolulu is a half the size of Washington. Honolulu was the first city in Hawaii.Honolulu home island ,Oahu, has the biggest mountain range in the world but is under water. The Honolulu symphony was founded in 1900 ,making it the oldest symphony in the world.


It will take 3877.2 miles to get to Honolulu from Houston TX.Also it is 3,892 miles from Houston to Honolulu . also i am taking my best friend Kylee newell so we can have fun together.We will get there by air plane called us air ways and it cost 2,062.73 per ticket.ALSO i will be staying for 5 weeks


I will be staying at the royal Hawaiian Howtell. also i will be be packing money, cloths , towels.


My hole trip will officially cost 1000,000,000 dollars . also my lodging will cost $351 and my spending money is 200,000 dollars and food is 500 dollars and my travel money is 6000 dollars and my air plane ticket is 700,000 dollars and my gas is 6,000 dollars


what i will do while i'm in Honolulu is swim and hang glide and relax on the beach but also at Honolulu to do is swim hang glide and spy resort also the unique thing to do in honolulu is swim with sharks