Ivan Pavlov

November 16, 2015

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Ivan Pavlov Information

  • Russian scientist
  • Study physiology and specifically the digestive system which lead to his most famous classical conditioning experiments with the dogs
  • Completed research on mental disorders, aging, and personality types
  • Views and theories are closely related to behaviorism
  • Behaviorist commonly believe in focusing on observable behaviors verse the conscious when studying people and organisms
  • Won the Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine in 1904
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See my cat Slider Classically Conditioned!

Way to go Jacynta!

"Laurie recently has been through a trauma and depends on the drug to give her a mental break from the stresses of her life. Her body may not become addicted to the drug, marijuana for example, but she enjoys the feeling it gives her so she depends on the drug."

This is an excellent example of psychological dependence by pointing out that she is not addicted but, it's the way it makes her feel that keeps her needing to go back!

Due Dates for the Week!

Be sure to be working through all of the Module 6 material. Be aware though due dates are closer than they appear.

11/17 - Classical and Operant Learning Quiz

11/18 - Module 6 Lesson 1 Vocabulary Assignment

11/19 - Module 6 Lesson 1 Classical or Operant Assignment