why you should move to Italy.

why is Italy right for you?

health care:

Health care in Italy is really good they offer amazing health coverage and care for everyone.Italy has a national health care plan with Servizio Sanitario Nazionale with is a service that offers really good coverage for everyone.

housing in Italy

housing in Italy is very cheep but it depending on where you are looking if you are looking to rent it would be around

Size of Property

Monthly Rental (€) Studio (bedsitter) 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms

300 – 900 450- 1,100 650-1,500

3 bedrooms 800 – 2,000

crime rate for 2015:

The crime rate in Italy is not that high because police-sing is very good.

55 killings in the prevuse year.

transportation /weather and climate:

In Italy they have metros, buses,taxis, cars and trains to get around.You can also get passes for the day or mouth they are cheep between 20-50$ per mouth or 20 per week. The weather in the winter is normally hot,rainy.In the summer it is normally dry,and cool.The temperature is around 90 degrees f.

education/freedom of speech:

Education is free in public school when you go to middle school you need pay to go to high school and college.For high school and college are between 850 euro and 1,000 euro per year.

In Italy you have freedom of speech so you can vote and do all the voting you want.


I would be a cosmetologist and a hairdresser.for that i would have to go the school online which is free and i would have to go to beauty school to learn how to do it in person and hair styling school to do that to.

pays:$35,700 a year.

Money in Italy is in euros and the government is very rich and wealthy.


The language they speak is Italian and some English .

Italy is in trade with Germany,France,Switzerland,United kingdom,and Spain.


the water is not drinkable from the tap but bottled water is because it is cleaned to drink.bathing water is 20% not good its not up to health code but it depends on where you live.

resources are coal,mineing,farming,natural gas,and lead