California Colleges (CCGI)

One stop shop for all your Career and college needs

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California Colleges Log-in

Simply Sign-in with google, use your school email and password you sign in to your chrome book. Check out Our current Heritage Seniors promoting CCGI on state website!

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CaliforniaColleges Lessons Overview lessons walk students step-by-step through creating an informed college, career, and financial aid plan. Students in 6th through 12th grades can complete grade-appropriate activities to help them smoothly navigate the transition from high school to college.

When students sign in, they’ll see two buttons on their personalized landing page.

  • The blue My Activities button takes students to college and career lessons.
    • Students will continue to download worksheets to complete these lessons.
  • The green My Financial Aid Plan button takes students to the new financial aid lessons.
    • Students will complete self-guided lessons on There are no worksheets to download.
Using the Career Search Tool
Using Career Exploration Tools - High School
Helping Your Students Learn About, Plan for, and Apply for Financial Aid

10th Grade Lessons: Connecting Careers to Course Offerings, Pathways, and Degrees

Using the Academic Planner - High School (Partner Districts)
Using the My Goals Tool
Using the My Journal Tool
Using the College Search Tool
Using the Major Search Tool
Covering the Cost of College
Launching Your University of California Application (Partner Districts)
University of California Application Integration (Partner Districts)
Launching Your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application (Partner Districts)

Important CCGI Information

CCGI is a platform that we want all our students to use here at Heritage! Please clink on link below to get a glimpse of all the fun lessons on Career and College search! You can also make an appt with your counselor if you need more assistance!

More Videos on Lessons for CCGI:

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Need an appointment with your counselor?

Click on your counselor's name to get access to their newsletter and link to schedule an appointment. Your counselor will be able to meet with you you need any further assistance with CCGI.

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Mrs. Prendergast

10th-12th Grade Students with the last names A-E

Mrs. Adame

10th-12th Grade Students with the last names F-L

Mr. Velasquez

10th-12th Grade Students with the last names M-Q

Mrs. Navarro

10th-12th Grade Students with the last names R-Z

Mrs. Fierros

10th - 12th English Learner Students and RFEPS

Mrs. Gonzalez

All students in the AVID Program

Mr. Washburn

9th Grade Students

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Career Center Information

You can always visit Career Center in Library if you need any help with CCGI also!

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