Greed, Avatar Film

The humans only want the money.

Greed on Pandora

The theme of greed appears in the film when the humans destroy Home Tree to get the Unobtanium which sells on Earth for 20 million dollars a kilogram. They didn't care about the fact that Home Tree was the only home and one of the most sacred things to the native Na'vi. This shows that the humans do not care about the native life and only care about the money that they can earn from Pandora.

Greed in the real world

The theme of greed is relevant in the real world because the humans destroy the forests in order to get all of the wood to build houses to earn money. They do not care about sustaining the Earths natural resources or destroying the native wild life that live in or around the trees.

Directors purpose

The director wants us to understand that by destroying the forests we are destroying the native wildlife. The movies shows the extent that humans are prepared to go in order to get what they want and that they do not care about the native wildlife as long as they get the money.

Destruction of Home tree. You must watch this scene

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