Memory Study Tips

Strengthen Your Memory and Get the Grade!

What You Need to Do

Make a Regular Study Plan

In order to do proper recognition and avoid decay in memories, you need to reinforce and strengthen the material. This can be accomplished by making a regular study pattern. The regular studying of material allows you to not cram information the night before. This allows for the short-term memories that you were taught in class, to become long-term memories with the strengthening of that signal pathway.

Pay Attention, Work Hard, Switch It Up

In order for many of us to absorb information we need to do effortful processing, pay attention. This allows one to pick up on specific details that may make it easier to remember. Also, be sure to switch up your processes for studying. This allows your brain to become strengthened in multiple ways. This is useful on a test when you say, "Oh, I remember studying for this problem."

Teach Another Student or Say the Information Out-loud

Has your Spanish teacher ever said, "Now repeat after me...," well mine sure has. This is to allow the brain to remember your speech or conversations. Most students also do better when tutoring another. This allows for you to understand the total concepts of the material and use confabulation to fill in the gaps.

Get Some Sleep

Who doesn't enjoy hearing those words. Sometimes it is better to put that book down and stop studying. Most of the time you can use recall better if you get the proper sleep. This allows you to make the grades without even having to work as hard. All it takes is a little attention during class.

Use Mnemonic Devices

Everyone gets bored with reading the class text book. This rarely for most people works to reinforce their memories of the material, leading to the rapid decay or loss of these memories. To keep attention, use mnemonic devices to help you. This can make studying fun and quick to accomplish, such as in music like Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Some Other Great Mnemonic Devices

Guaranteed to get you that Passing Grade!!!