February News

Miss Gephart

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Arctic Unit

We had so much fun reading with the fifth graders!

Working on phonics during academic centers

Looking Ahead to February

  • We will create different Valentine's Day crafts, have a Valentine's Day dance and a card exchange.
  • We will celebrate the 100th day of school!
  • We will continue talking about the letters of the alphabet (A-U) and their corresponding sounds.
  • We will continue to work on three color patterns, measurement, addition/subtraction and numbers. We will begin talking about tens and ones and the numbers above 11-16. We will also start talking about greater than and equal to.
  • We will continue practice writing sentences and working on our alphabet books.

Important Dates

February 8, 2016- 100th day of school!

February 11, 2016- Valentine's Day dance, dress in your holiday spirit

February 12 & 15- No School (President's Day)


Mondays- Read a book together!

Tuesdays- Letter of the week work page

Wednesdays- sight word practice

Thursdays- Read a book together!

Fridays- Enjoy your weekend :)

We are always working on writing our names, counting, identifying and writing the numbers 1-15. Keep practicing identifying the letters and their corresponding sounds.

Third quarter sight words

We are working hard and improving a lot on identifying and reading our color, shape and number sight words!


  • orange, blue, red, green, brown, yellow, black, gray, pink

Number sight words:

  • one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten

Shape sight words:

  • oval, circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, triangle

is, word, may, that, and, said, I, with, name, on, see, an, it, look, book, are, color, you, this, yes, no, help, said, jump, have, big, little are sight words in addition to the above words.

We have started focusing on four sight words a week, spelling, recognizing and saying the words during calendar.