EEIP Principal Update

February, 2016


I know testing and interventions are just around the corner for your campuses, and I hope things are moving forward smoothly!

Since this month is a maintenance month, we thought that we'd update you electronically, rather than holding a face to face meeting. Please contact Trish Jarrott at (512) 414-9590, or trish.jarrott@austinisd. with any questions or concerns.


Campus Based Mentors

Full release mentors have been emphasizing the importance of Peer Observation opportunities with all mentors and have provided some tools and training during the campus based mentor seminars. There are EEIP funds to provide substitutes for those campus based mentors who would like to observer their mentees as they teach during the school day. If your campus based mentors are interested in observation, please have them contact Trish Jarrott to create an observation schedule. Trish will continue to update you, and each campus based mentor, on their logs and seminar attendance to ensure that they are meeting their stipend agreement.

Full Release Mentors

All full release mentors are back on campus, at least until the end of this month. Emily Smith, our mentor at Houston will be on leave beginning 2/26 and Dana Phillips and Sarah Johnson will help to support her teachers at Houston.

With testing and interventions beginning on your campuses soon, please be sure to keep in mind the priority for all full release mentors is to support their teachers. Mentors should not be holding regular interventions with students. It really hinders the mentor's ability to support teachers effectively if they are scheduled to teach small group interventions on a regular basis. They can certainly support the teachers they are working with while the teacher provides interventions or small group support. Additionally, mentors should not be handling disciplinary actions that are meant for administrators. They simply must have the flexibility to provide in time support to your teachers. If you have any questions about this, please contact Trish.

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Peer Observation

With board approval of PPfT as our teacher appraisal system for teachers beginning next fall, all administrators are encouraged to utilize the expertise of their Peer Observers with the PPfT Instructional Practice Rubric. Peer Observers can provide non-evaluative feedback to teachers using the rubric in preparation for their formal observations and classroom visits, can facilitate observation of master teachers on EEIP campuses or throughout the district to highlight specific areas of the rubric, and can provide campus wide professional development on any section of the rubric.

Student Learning Objectives

Revision Request Window - January 4-February 5

  • Teachers had the opportunity to request a revision to their own SLO if they changed teaching assignment or had a significant roster change.
  • Requests should have been made through email to the appraiser and SLO team.

New-Teacher Hire Cutoff - January 15

  • Contact the SLO team if/when you receive a new teacher to campus. All new teachers who are hired on or before January 15 are required to complete and submit an SLO within 20 working days of their start date.

Post-Assessment Window - March 21-April 29

  • All year-long SLO teachers must post-test students who were enrolled on their roster on or before October 23.
  • In most situations, teachers will administer the exact same post-test as they did on the pre-test.
  • Be sure to coordinate post-test schedules for each grade level/content area in hopes of creating a valid and reliable testing environment.

Final Teacher SLO Submission Deadline - April 29

  • All year-long SLO teachers will enter post-test scores on the roster and complete all fields on the SLO verification form.
  • SLO Team will provide a video tutorial on how to complete the submission process.

Appraiser SLO Verification Deadline - May 6

  • Appraisers will verify all SLOs on the SLO Database.
  • SLO Team will provide a video tutorial on how to complete the verification process.
  • In the days following the verification deadline, SLO scores will be exported from the SLO Database to the HCP and will be viewable for teachers and appraisers to conduct their summative conferences.



All PLC Leads continue to document their weekly meetings using the PLC Meeting Log, and all leads are updated on their log entries monthly. If there are weeks where PLCs don't meet, please communicate this with Trish so that she can make a note of the week in her records. All prinicpals have access to the PLC Meeting Logs to check in with PLC teams on each campus
PLC Meeting Log Documentation

Please do not share this link with PLC leads. If you need the log template to share, please contact Trish.

Data Days

All EEIP PLCs have been asked to meet for their spring data day on each campus. After meeting for our spring PLC Lead training, we have developed a set of expectations for the second data day. There are a couple of campuses that need to complete 2 data days this semester. If the PLC leads need guidance for the fall data day requirements, please contact Trish Jarrott.

PLC Lead Seminars

There is only one seminar option remaining for PLC Leads this semester on 4/18 at Widen ES from 3:45-4:45. Please remember that the expectation is that all leads will attend 4 out of the 6 seminars offered this year. If you have any questions about the seminar requirements, please contact Trish Jarrott.
PLC Lead Spring Data Day

This is the list of expectations for PLC Lead Spring Data Days.