Weekly Launch

October 29-November 2


Please be working this week on scheduling your face to face conferences and phone conferences for our Nov. 6th conference day. If you have a SPED student, please let their case manager know what time you are meeting with their student. We have some yellow slips I will placing by the mailboxes. Please give these to any parent you are meeting with and ask them to fill them out in the office and leave in the basket up front. You can have them start filling them out for any conference you have before or after the 6th.

Reminders for Teacher Kids-I know it is a privilege and a curse to be a teacher's kid. My kids have great memories of their time spend at school in the afternoons. While we know they want to run around and play, we have to respect the teachers who may be meeting with parents or are trying to write lesson plans. Please remind them of the following expectations. Sorry I have not shared them earlier!

· Must stay in their mom’s room(unless arrangements are made with another teacher)

· No running, screaming or playing in the hallways after school

· May not come in the office area unless it is after school(only to get a snack or are with their mom)

· May not be in the gym unsupervised

· May not be in the hallway at dismissal unless they are with their class-teacher kids should dismiss with walkers.

During faculty meetings or collaboration-kids must be in a predetermined room-being quiet so that collaboration is not disturbed

Megan Wilson has a chunk of time for some math intervention. Her time is 9:25-10:05. If you can take advantage of this time, please email me!

Important Dates

October 29-


Watch Dog-Brandon Box-Campanaro-Art

October 30-


Watch Dog-Cole Bailey-Reed-Music

Steven Brownlee-Rathburn-PE

October 31-


No collaboration

Watch Dog-Jack Spittler-Solomon-Music

November 1-


Buckels out all day


Watch Dog-David Teixara-Young-Art

November 2-

Character Connection


Watch Dog-Anton Thorn-Florez-Music

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Respect the environment

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Solomon

Curriculum Corner

-when you have a moment, check out SeeSaw on Twitter @seesaw. It has lots of great information! Monique will be happy to come in and support you with any need you have with Seesaw.

-Just a reminder that the district is wanting all students to have a digital portfolio using either the Seesaw or it's Learning platform. Please get with Monique if you need more help or support with this. I know she has been trying to roll it out during C4 times and meeting with teams during block. This semester should be experimenting with either platform then they are wanting parents to be able to be able to view them next semester.

Big picture

Perfect Attendance

Here are our teachers with perfect attendance this 9 weeks! Thank you for being here every day!(if we left you off, sorry! Let me know and I will share out next week)

Debi Akanwa, Renee Berriman, Meghan Bionat, Charidy Chancey, Chelsea Coipel, Catherine Davis, Nicole Janese, Kathy Labrode, Emily Matthew, Lisa McCubbin, Michele Radler, Lauren Sauer, Lora Steiger, Kristin Strawn, Jessie Ting, Lacey Turrentine, Christine Wagner

Word of the Week-Response

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for:

Elizabeth Bartley for always being there to bounce off ideas. Thank you for creating station cards and I can statement cards for both our classrooms-Nancy Kramer

- the first grade team because they showed such patience with me for the last 11 weeks! I will miss all of you-Leslie Schwanke

- the NPE staff for encouraging students to dress-up for two dress-up weeks in a row! Thank you! Jennifer Murray

-the fourth grade team-thank you so much for all the support this year and making a somewhat rough month more enjoyable. I love our daily laughs!-Tracey Florez

-Robin Doussa because she is always so kind and helpful when asking about students. And very patient while I gather student data. Thank you!

-Elizabeth, Lacey and Nancy-thanks for helping to make Christine's bday awesome for her. Teamwork makes the dream work :0) Haha!! Nicole Janese

-Sandy Varner because she always knows what to say. She encourages and supports first grade every way possible and just "gets" us!.-Stephanie Hirsch

Shout Outs

Shout out to:

- Character Crew and Coach Rizzo for counting the Red Ribbon Week bracelets and add red ribbons to the school.

-Carla for printing labels for Jeannie TWICE!

-everyone who helped in library, cafeteria and out front during Donuts with Dad!

-all the teachers who have been sending students up to ring the bell when they reach their goals!

-Stephanie Hirsch for asking Susan Bush and Monique Luis for help with SeeSaw implementation

-Jeannie Neyland for attempting Breakout Boxes with Kindergartners and for their teachers for helping!

Goal Setting