News from Room 11

February 10, 2014


This week we are continuing with nonfiction texts. We will do a lot of comparing and contrasting. We are going to base our learning around the Winter Olympics. Students will be comparing and contrasting ancient Olympics vs. modern Olympics, Paralympics vs. Olympics, and they will also be comparing and contrasting two different winter Olympic events. I think this will be a really fun theme for them!


We are going to continue with our Olympic theme and students will be creating a new event and a medal to go along with it. We will be doing a lot of prewriting and then they will be writing a mini book.


We will continue with Topic 11: Telling Time. I hope to test on this towards the end of next week, to allow plenty of time for ISTEP/problem solving prep! We continue to work on our math facts as well. Do you know what set of facts your child is on? Check in with them and encourage them to practice for at least 10 minutes each night.

Social Studies

We are still working on our president projects/presentations. We should be done by the end of this week.


Sort 5: adding -ed to words
Categories: double/e-drop/nothing/oddball
*It's also important for students to understand that words that end in -ed are PAST TENSE.

Friendship Party

Just a reminder...our party will be on Friday from 1:00-2:00 (parents are asked to leave by 1:45 for transportation reasons). Lori Wynn will be contacting those that expressed interest in helping at the beginning of the year. Students are allowed to bring Valentine cards, as long as they bring one for everyone. We have 27 students and I emailed out a class list last year. Please, please, please remember: NO FOOD OR CANDY! Thank you so much for your help with this!

Important Dates/Reminders

2/14 Friendship Party @1:00
2/17 No School
2/21 $1 Hat Day

*DOE has pushed back testing dates. ISTEP will now begin the week of March 10th. More information will follow as this is all I know currently. I am very grateful for the additional instructional days after the loss of them due to the winter weather.*

NWEA Progress Reports will come home this week. Please let me know if you have any questions!