History Through Film

Allow your mind to explore the truth and the Hollywood twist

Reality Vs Hollywood

In history through film, you will break down the film quote by quote, scene by scene. In this course you learn the truth behind every tail. The things you will learn in this course will change the way you think and the way you pay attention to small details. This course allows you to learn history just by watching a film and the writing a small excerpt.
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# 1 Twelve Years a Slave

Twelve Years a Slave is about a Free African American man that has his freedom stripped from him unjustly. He was promised a job as a musician. He was celebrated and drugged, thrown into captivity and sold into slavery... oh thats all you get. I thought the movie was the one of the best, it demonstrated how far a man will go to have his life and family back. Northup was a man of patience and will.
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# 2 Schindlers List

This film follows a German militant...a businessman... a member of the Natzi party. Jews were the topic and the center of Adolf Hitlers extermination for the perfect race. Oscar Schindler was a man who would give his life for another man...but what about his fortune...his life...his being as a whole?
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# 3 Zero Dark Thirty

Zero dark thirty follows a CIA agent who dedicated her life to the finding and killing of Usama Bin Laden. This search was an amazing feat. The time and dedication that it takes to locate one man who is well hidden within a network of people is complex. Blood life and tears were lost in the pursuit of one man.
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# 4 Bridges of Spies

Rudolf Abel. James Donovan. Two man on missions, one a spy...one a Lawyer...a Soviet and an American trade. This is a movie to be remembered it displayed the unjust practices on the other side of the world. It showed us that all men can be who they wanna be and that we aren't told the truth until its said and done. Democracy.@_@
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# 5 Dances with Wolves

One man foreigner...hundreds of Natives. Its hard to trust a man who comes with a group of men that traveled and wears the same colors as the conquerors. One foreigner who wants to live among the buffalo...finds himself learning and living among natives.