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The projection of incorrect body image influences teens

Effects of Advertisements

Most children feel the need to diet in order to have desirable bodies similar to those presented in advertisements. The Center for the Study of Commercialism supports this statement when they write, “The extreme preoccupation with weight fostered by advertising images is reflected in the fact that 80% of 10-year-old girls report having dieted”. Last time I went to Jamaica, my cousin started a diet, so she didn’t eat as much as she used to. I’m unsure on her decision for dieting, but it was still unhealthy for her. The cause of all this comes from the commercials which display “perfect” bodies, which are later copied by children.

There is a Solution

Variety of Models

Using a variety of models in advertisements could decrease the negative influence advertisements have on consumers. There can be a solution to limit these negative results. If advertisers decided to have a variety of models, then it would catch the eyes of viewers. More companies will benefit even more so because consumers with the same body types will buy the product. To conclude, if advertisers provide the media with a variety of models, then consumers will not have to participate in their unhealthy lifestyles.

Call to Action

Incorrect body images give teens today the idea that they have to look a certain way to be cool. Parents should teach their children to be content with who they are, so that they don’t fall under the trap of advertisements. We must all work together to reject the persuasive techniques of advertisements.