Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 11/5/2021

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Capital Project Update

  • Work on the CTE shop has begun. Mike and Ken removed the basketball hoops last week, and the excavation work started on Tuesday.

  • Work on the grounds for the Elementary School modular will be starting as soon as the excavation for the shop is completed. The same company is doing the excavation work. Thank you for your patience on this one!!

Powerful Teaching and Learning

SBAC testing has started. We skipped this testing last year because of COVID, and these are makeup tests that have been slimmed down. Taking these tests is a state-level decision, not a local decision.


  • We have installed VAPE sensors in the upstairs HS bathrooms. They are online and working. Sensors will be installed in MS and downstairs bathrooms next.

  • Using funds from our FEMA grant, we have purchased and are in the process of delivering air purifiers to all offices and classrooms. These will help provide cleaner air during COVID and help us when we have poor air quality because of regional forest fires. Maintenance/Custodial staff will deliver new filters to your classrooms periodically, but you will need to change the filters on your own.

District Culture and Climate

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” by Margaret Cousins.

November is National Gratitude Month. Research has shown that gratitude can enhance our moods, decrease stress, and improve our overall level of health and wellbeing. On average, grateful people tend to have fewer stress-related illnesses and experience less depression and lowered blood pressure. They are more physically fit, they are happier, and will be better liked. Grateful kids are even more likely to do better in school. So take the time throughout this Thanksgiving month to express gratitude or even write down things you are thankful for and see what happens.

Parent and Community Engagement

  • On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I held our monthly Supt’s On sessions. We discussed COVID management and decision-making processes, some current news included in this report, and the process for contacting the school to solve problems or get information. Again, we had a strong turnout, with over 20 people for each session.

  • From November 1 through 10 the elementary is holding its annual food drive that will help support families in need in our community. If you are interested in contributing, contact Cayla Monroe-Sellers in the elementary.

Creative and Innovative

  • We missed a couple of grant awards in last week’s Weekly Update: Getting the NCEF $300 Teacher Classroom Grant are April Cole, Jim Caddy, Amanda Jenkins, and Brian Ellis for a “Phenomenon for Families” project, Patricia Dagnon for a “Butterfly Mosaic” project, Whitney Massart for a “Locomotor Active” project, Evelia Zabreznik for a “Life Cycle of Butterflies Unit” project, Nadine Olma, Cheri Wahl and Kari Alexander for a “Words that Stick” project, Chelsea Freeman for a “Change for the Better” project, Scott Olson for “Gyotaku Salmon Prints” project, and Jan Farnsworth for a “Tiger Cub Bucket Club” project.
    Wow! I can’t wait to see the results of these projects!

  • Last week, at the Rural Alliance Superintendent meeting, we discussed several grant opportunities, including a planning grant for project-based learning and a planning grant for early childhood initiatives.

TEA and PSE Updates

The Coaches Association will meet next with school administration to negotiate the extra-curricular contract on November 15th at 8 AM.


  • Good luck to our Cross Country and Girls Soccer competitors and coaches headed into State Tournaments!

  • Paul Harrison from NCESD completed the safety incentive program report for the district. He and Mike did an audit last week. The report for our district was excellent! Our staff continues to take safety precautions in regard to slips, trips, and falls. Thanks to everyone for your conscientious efforts in helping to avoid some preventable injuries.

  • We’ve received a grant for $4,589 through OSPI’s Safe School Meals Grant to increase social distancing for students eating meals. We are purchasing four metal picnic tables for students to eat outside.

  • Enrollment for November is 1,089.70. It continues to hold consistent.

  • Board Policy and Procedure Updates (Link Below):
    1. 1822 BP Training and Development for Board Members

    2. 2020 P Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials

    3. 2024 P Online Learning

    4. 2108 BP Remediation Programs

    5. 2145 P Suicide Prevention

    6. 2195 P Academic Acceleration

    7. 2418 BP Waiver of High School Graduation Credits

    8. 2420 BP Grading and Progress Reports

    9. 3116 P Students in Foster Care

    10. 3122 P Excused and Unexcused Absences

    11. 3231 BP/P Student Records

    12. 3241 BP Student Discipline

    13. 3520 BP Student Fees, Fines, Charges

    14. 5004 Infection Control Program

    15. 5011 BP/P Sexual Harassment

    16. 5515 BP Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress

    17. 5520 BP Staff Development

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

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