Friday Reminders

Friday, 1/29/2016

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Quarter 2 Report Cards- Stage 1

With Quarter 2 officially over, we now need to work on grades so we can close the books. It is absolutely essential that we all work together to get grades in timely.

Stage 1 Tasks

1) Ensure everything is graded in your content class

2) Triple Check to ensure the correct grade scheme is selected – Please see Ensuring Correct Grade Scheme - attachment

3) Enter the Letter grade in the NOHS – Please see Entering Final Grades in the NOHS attachment

4) Export your Gradebook from the NOHS – Please see Entering Final Grades in the NOHS attachment (UPDATED, please follow ALL steps).

5) Post your Gradebook – naming convention – Last Name_Course(s)_Quarter 2 Final Gradebook into SharePoint –Gradebooks – SY15-16 - Quarter Final Gradebook (All Quarters) Folder. – Please see How to upload final gradebook to SharePoint attachment

a. Please remember your final gradebook must show all grades for all assignments. Also the students final letter grade you are assigning must be on the gradebook.

6) Email your HLT once you have completed all of the above

These above items are due by end of day – Friday, January 29th. Ultimately we have to close out courses by month end (January 31st).

If you have an extension that was approved for a student, please wait until Monday morning to complete all of the above. Also please work directly with your HLT or Joe Hargrave (our fabulous support teacher) if you have any concerns or need help! I will send out instructions to post grades in Pathways as a content teacher with a timeline on Friday. This will be stage 2.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this!

Q2 Work Records

Must be mailed to HLT no later than Feb. 5

If you would like to have your Work Record Roster proofed for accuracy, please submit your Work Record Roster to your HLT for review no later than noon on Friday, January 29.

It is essential that you are working on collecting and recording work samples for Q2! As you are aware, the directions have changed a bit for this quarter, to make the process simpler for teachers! Just like last quarter, you'll collect the samples on your computer and use your roster to keep track. What's new this quarter is that you will also include the grade information and professional comment for each sample on your roster, so that when you run the merge, ALL of those fields will populate for you on the cover sheets!


The coversheets are loaded in SharePoint for you this quarter -

Work Record Roster -

Please pay careful attention to the Work Record Check list, as the “CHECK LIST” needs to be printed and included when mailing your HLT the work records (for Non-Virtual WR teachers only)


  • How to print a CGA work sample
  • Work Record Check list

Quarter 3 Welcome Calls and ISMAs

Our FAST team will be handling all welcome calls, call notes in TV, and sending out the initial ISMA! THANK YOU FAST TEAM!!

  • Once FAST has made contact with the student and the initial ISMA is collected, Teachers will receive an email from the FAST team giving the green light to introduce yourself and begin working with the student.

  • Once teachers receive the green light, ensure to call the student and document your welcome call in PATHWAYS. You will use the WELCOME CALL under the area of subject/focus. These calls should be done within 24 hours of receiving the green light email from the FAST Team.

Q3 Course Set Up

You should be working on your Quarter 3 courses at this point, so please continue to use the attached Course Setup Checklist with our suggested timeline to ensure that all basic elements of your course are ready to go for the start of Quarter 3. Remember that detailed instructions for ALL steps can be found on the Insight NOHS Master Document (link here).

Some SUPER IMPORTANT extra notes:

- On the checklist, you will find that you must submit a Q3 Assignment List. Your list MUST mirror the format in the example list attached to this email. If you have questions, please send yours to me for approval well before the deadline

- A new live session schedule for quarter 3 is now located on the HAT, so please sign up at your earliest convenience!

- For anything that you have set up in a current course that you wish to copy over to your next course, I have attached a job aid on using the LOR (Learning Object Repository)

Import Failed Error Issue and Work Around:

We have received reports that teachers are getting an “Import Failed Error” message when copying quizzes or content from LOR when they attempt to ‘Copy Quiz to Content’.

Workaround until fixed:

Teachers have the ability to ‘copy quiz to quiz pool’ and then create a quiz through Manage Quiz following the steps below;

  • · In the LOR, select “Import into the Question Library”
  • · After the questions are imported, go to Manage Quizzes and create a new quiz
  • · In the Add Questions area, add the questions from the question library. The questions from the quiz downloaded from the LOR will be in their own folder.
  • · Teacher can then add to content, add to gradebook, etc.


The 2015-16 PFT Physical Fitness Test administration window is right around the corner.

· PFT Administration – Feb. 1st – May 31st

· Students who will test: 5th, 7th & 9th Graders

You are receiving this e-mail because an account has been set up for you in MARVIN. The MARVIN database is where you will be signing up your students in your homeroom to testing sites. Please take a couple minutes to help complete the following. (Note: if you already have access to the site and have worked with prior test administrations, please disregard this e-mail. If you need a password reset, please e-mail Roxi – or Carol - )

By COB 2/1, we need you to log-in so we can confirm that you can:

· Access the MARVIN site -

· Log-in to your account successfully

· Update your password

Your MARVIN log-in information:

Username: your e-mail address

Default password: Cava2016 (please update when you log-in for the first time)

Attached are instructions on how to change your password.

Once you login and change your password, there is nothing else you need to do.

We will be sending detailed instructions on how to assign students to the PFT – Physical Fitness Test, Tuesday Feb. 2nd, 2016.

We know everyone is busy finalizing report cards on top of other priorities so our team appreciates your time to complete the above steps.

We look forward to working with you for a fantastic testing year!

Have a great day!

Content Logins (D2L) Report

Remember to use the Content Logins Report (coming to you every Monday now) to track your content kids' login activity.

Content Resources

Looking for content resources? Look no further!
Content Resources can be found in SharePoint. We would love for you to contribute to the resources folder. Please feel free to upload your content resources to share with the team!

SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Shared Documents > Content Resources > Class Specific Resources

Fast Referrals

As a reminder, FAST Referrals are only processed by the Home Room Teacher. Content teachers do not refer students to FAST. Please ensure you are only referring your home room students to FAST so we can avoid repeated referrals.

Testing Window and RTO DATES

The testing window for this school year will be April 27th -May 31st. Based on these dates, the following documents the updated time off restrictions for the remainder of the year.

End of Quarter:
No consecutive days off January 26th – February 5th
No consecutive days off April 13th – April 20th


No consecutive days off week prior to testing window open
No days off weeks of testing (April 27th-May 31st )
No consecutive days off week following testing window close

End of Year:
No consecutive days off June 17th – June 24th


When experiencing issues within one of the Internet Browsers remember to always try the following before opening up a ticket.

· Clear your Cache

· Clear your Cookies

· Try another Browser

Note: Google Chrome does not support the most current versions of JAVA. If you are noticing you are not able to view items as before, please switch to a different browser. We have been seeing issues with viewing content in your courses within the NOHS in Google Chrome. It appears to be working fine in both IE & FireFox

k12 Content Troubleshooting

In a few rare cases, teachers have discovered a small amount of content missing from NOHS classes. Should you run in to this issue, please report any issues of missing content by submitting a ticket with course offering code or course offering ID to: .

Due Dates and Reminders

Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd: Teacher Work Days (no students)

Jan. 29th: Quarter 2 Gradebooks Due- Stage 1 due

Jan. 29th: Email Employee Attendance Card

Feb. 4th: Q3 Begins

Feb. 5th: Teacher Self Evaluations DUE

Feb. 5th: Quarter 2 Work Records Due. Mail to HLT Today!

Feb. 18th: LP6 Begins (2/19/2016-3/17/2016)

Feb. 18th: Q3-C1 BTSP & i-Ready Due (New Students Only)

Feb. 22nd: Q3-C2 TSPs Due

Feb. 22nd: Email Employee Attendance Card

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