Review for test


Cnidarians- these creatures are carnivores, or meat eating invertebrates, and sting its prey.
  • tentacles that sting its predators and bring food to mouth (digestive system)
  • waste leaves through mouth
  • no organs, cells organized instead of tissues, outer layer is protection and inner layer is used for digestion
  • live in water
  • radial symmetry
  • Polyp or Medusa Form
  • reproduce sexually and asexually


Mollusk - an animal with a soft body and no bones.

Example: clams, oysters, slugs, snails, squids and octopods

  • some have a hard shell that protects their body
  • Mantle - shell of mollusk, produces material to harden shell, grows as animal grows
  • some the mantle is a tough layer of skin
  • muscular foot - helps move and burrow into ocean floor
  • reproduce sexually
  • some have bivalves like oysters and clams
  • Radula - organ in snail that acts like a tongue with sharp teeth
  • octopus and squid have well developed brains and nervous systems