By: Margaret Fassbender


Pixar has made many of our well known films like Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Finding Nemo and many more. But, where did Pixar start? Pixar first started in California 1986, way long before they became well known. It started because George Lucas had just invented a new computer that could generate films. Ed Catmull wanted to make films so, he brought together a group of designers, animators, and computer speacialists to join him at Lucas films.

Progression of Pixar

When Pixar/Disney first started, they drew pictures and made short films. One of their first films was "The Brave Little Toaster" made in 1987. But, it wasn't approved and Lasseter got fired from Disney. These short films were made before Pixar was created but, most of the animators were from Disney. Pixars actual first film was Toy Story.

Then, Pixar/Disney released "The Little Mermaid". The Little Mermaid was different because the characters were 3D. It got such good reviews that Pixar decided to use the CAPS animation style for all of their films.

After that, when Pixars company was finally real, they created the new film, "Toy Story". Toy Story was a whole new genre of animation because they payedd real close attention to the lighting and the characters were made on computers. When Toy Story was released it got really good reviews. So, for all of Pixar's films they used that type of animation.

Impact on Society

Because of Pixar, we now have wonderful well known movies that inspired other animators because of their great quality. Even their first film, Toy Story started the trend. Pixar was the first ever company to use that style of animation. It was so good that

Lasseter (Pixars main animator) was honored with a SAAA award from Motion Picture Arts for the first computer animated film. Toy Story also got an award for best film of the year. Toy Story was what made Pixar famous. Without Pixar, many of the same drawing techniques would still be used today.

Ed Catmull

Ed Catmull was the person who started Pixar. He started it because George Lucas just started making a new computer that could be used to generate films. So, he got together a group of animators, designers, and computer specialists and created Pixar. He came up with the name "Pixar" for the company because in Spanish it meant "to make pictures". He first was a computer scientist. He was inspired by Disney and their goofy characters. Then, he started making pictures on the computer and ended up really liking it! So, he created Pixar.

Pixar movies

Pixar has made many original films and many award winning movies. Movies like A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wallie, Up, and Cars. But their most popular movie is Toy Story. The fact that this movie is not only entertaining for kids but, also adults. In Toy Story, the toys go on a big adventure when new toys come and create drama. This film is very funny and exciting! This was a very important film because it was made in a new type of animation which made the characters look 3D. It inspired other animators and designers with their intricate characters.
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