Holly Hanlon

Shane (My Brother)

Shane is my brother and someone I admire a lot. He is a student athlete just like me. I can really relate to him because he knows what it's like. Sometimes being a student athlete can be very hard and your days are super long and crazy, but he has showed me that if you work hard it will pay off. He is a freshman in college and got a scholarship for lacrosse. He inspires me to work hard and achieve my goal of getting a scholarship to the school of my dreams.

My Inspirations

All of the people I have talked about are all important to me because they have showed and taught me to never give up and to work hard and it will eventually pay off. They are all people that are older than me and have accomplished something I want to accomplish. All of them had to work super hard to get where they are now. Some unique things that separate all of them from each other is that they all are very different people and have accomplished very different things. I hope that when i'm older I will have traits from all of these people. They have helped me and showed me how to act and how to work hard to achieve goals. All of the people I have talked about are very humble, work hard, accomplished and achieved their goals, and are overall great people.