Scarborough Middle School

Family Newsletter for 9-10-2021

Hello Scarborough Middle School Families,

Due to the current numbers with the Covid-19 environment, the school district has made the decision to hold the Middle School Open House as a virtual event again, like last year, in order to be as mindful as possible of the health and safety for all. Please see the Open House flyer for more information.

This week we are attaching our Grading and Reporting Guide for this year. The Parent Portal is now open in PowerSchool. You should be receiving a letter in the mail early next week that includes your parent id number and password. Once you receive your information you can click the following link to access the PowerSchool login page: Scarborough PowerSchool Login.

How to Use PowerSchool:


Kathy Tirrell, Principal

David Currier, Assistant Principal

Important Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, September 15

  • Picture Day for all Grade 6 and for Grade 7 Lightning and Grade 7 Rain teams
  • Early Release at SMS - School Day Ends 12:55pm
Thursday, September 16
  • Picture Day for all Grade 7 Thunder team and all Grade 8
Friday, September 17
  • Virtual Open House Links will be sent home via SMS Friday Family News


SMS Picture Days

The SMS school picture days are Wednesday, September 15 and Thursday, September 16. Student pictures are taken starting at 8am and run through approximately 10am of each picture day.

Schedule for Wednesday, September 15

  • 6th Grade Students from All teams
  • 7th Grade Students from the Lightning and Rain teams

Schedule for Thursday, September 16

  • 7th Grade Students from the Thunder team
  • 8th Grade Students from All teams

Order pictures through MyLifetouch, using the SMS picture ID EVTMKKSR6.

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Maine Integrated Youth Survey 2021-2022

In the fall semester, students in our school will be taking part in an anonymous survey. An anonymous survey is when the students do not give us their names. About 96,000 Maine students have been asked to take the survey. The survey will take about one class period. Below are the answers to some questions you may have about the survey.


Student Drop-Offs:

Please note if you are dropping your student off at school, entry time to the buildings begins at 7:40am. Drop off may begin as early as 7:20am. Staff will be available to supervise beginning at 7:20am.

As with last year, the traffic pattern at Scarborough Middle School will allow a two-lane drop off pattern for students and parents. As the driver enters the middle school campus, two lanes will be used for parent drop off. Staff will be directing traffic to either the former bus loop near the school or to the outer drop off loop to the left of the former bus loop. Busses will not enter this area so that parents and guardians may use both loops, as directed.

To ensure the safety of all, please adhere to the following:

  • Do not pass other cars in the lane.

  • Students leave cars quickly, from the curb side of the car.

  • Drop off points are at two designated locations for all students: in the loop closest to the school, before the crosswalk, and in the outer drop off loop at the drop off sign.

  • No parent traffic will be allowed behind the 6th grade portables, between the middle school and the 6th grade portable, or in the lot between Wentworth School and the Middle School.

  • Due to safety concerns, 6th grade students are not allowed to be dropped off in front of the 6th grade portable. Please only drop off 6th grade students in the two designated areas listed above.

Google Map for Traffic Pattern:

To ensure the safety of our students, staff and families, please use extra caution and patience when dropping off students. Please view the Google Map here.

Thank you for helping to ensure that all students are dropped off safely at our school.

When students enter the building, they will go directly to their Period 1 class. Any student arriving after 8:00 am will need to stop at the Main Office to check in.

We understand that the start of the year involves new routines being set and we will work to support students.

Afternoon Dismissal:

As we work to make the afternoon pickup as efficient as possible, parents and guardians are asked to arrive at the school for dismissal only at the times listed below. Your assistance with the times is greatly appreciated!

Please be mindful to arrive no more than 3 or 4 minutes prior to your student's dismissal time. Arriving just prior to your student's dismissal time will help the flow of traffic and allow us to move the dismissal process along quicker for all SMS families. We ask that you fill in the traffic loop next to the school by driving all the way to the cafeteria entrance. With this, more cars will be allowed to enter the pickup loop at the same time.

We appreciate your efforts to transport your child and your patience as we make this as efficient as possible.

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Student Dismissal During School Day

If families need to dismiss a student during the school day, they should come to the SMS main office lobby window to contact the office staff. Anyone dismissing a student will be required to show identification before students are dismissed.

Late Student Drop Off During School Day

Parents/Guardians do not need to sign their students in. When students arrive late, have your student stop at the main office and check in with the office staff. Grade 6 students must check in with the main office first before entering the 6th grade community building.

Drop off of Items During the School Day

Our expectation is, students come to school prepared for the day. We ask families to refrain from bringing items to students during the school day unless it is an essential item. If an essential item needs to be dropped off, families should come to the main office lobby window to contact the office staff.

Office staff will ask the name of the student and about the item being dropped off. Please clearly label items dropped off to help your student better identify their items.


SMS will not be using lockers at this time. This will keep the hallways open during the school day and reduce the congestion. Students will be allowed to have their backpack with them throughout the day.


Meal Benefit Application

Please take a minute to review the following flyer and to complete the application (link is included in the flyer). We are asking ALL families to please complete the application as the results impact several of SPS's programs. Also - you could be the lucky winner of a $50 Hannaford gift card just for completing the application!

In advance - thank you!

Meal Benefit Application

From the SPS Nutrition Department

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As a general reminder, all breakfast and lunch meals for all students in Scarborough Schools are free for this school year 2021-2022. All existing students whose parents have an account will be able to order breakfast and lunch using the same procedure as last year, from the Nutrislice app on a device or at (at the top of the page click “Quick links”, then go to School Lunch for all meal menus).

All Kindergarten and new students to the district will have to make a Nutrislice account through the Nutrislice app or through before they can order breakfast and lunch. Parents will need the child's ID# before they can start the registration process.

For breakfast meals in all of our schools, you can order online on the same day before 6:30 AM, while for lunch meals, you can order online on the same day before 7:30 AM. You can order meals for the day, or set up a weekly or monthly plan for meals to be provided to your children. The menus for all meals for a new month will be posted on the school’s website and on the Nutrislice app the last Monday at the end of the previous month.

For our primary schools, we will prepare your student’s food and deliver it to the classroom with the order ticket and your child’s name attached to the bag. For Wentworth students, the meals will be prepared into a container with the child’s name on it and placed on a table in the cafeteria for students to pick up. For students in the Middle school, meals will be prepared and labeled with the contents of the containers for students to pick up at the cafeteria. High school students will not be utilizing a pre-order system, students can select their desired meals at the time of their meal period, with a la carte options available for purchase at an extra cost.

Please call or email Brenda Franklin at 207-730-4700 or for any help or questions or if you need the child's ID#.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Esposito