Middle School News - January 29th

Go Wildcats!

Want your student input

Please have your student sign in and take this survey if they didn't get a chance during their class meetings.

8th graders - please take the survey!

Some 6th and 7th grade students didn't get a chance to take it.

Please click here for survey: https://forms.gle/21CoJXjdgN42Tfdk8

Message from Ms. Roletto

We have now wrapped up half the year! Congratulations!

Report cards coming next week. Please be looking for report cards mailed by end of next week.

Make sure to contact teachers with questions and our goals is that none of what we report is not a surprise for your student or family.

Here is a link for teacher emails: https://www.pps.net/domain/1034

6th and 7th NEIGHBORHOOD PROGRAM Families

Because of the middle school next year, neighborhood program students will be attending Harrison Park MS next year. Principal Leah Dickey held an informational meeting Thursday night, and as promised, here are the links and materials from the meeting.

Bridger’s Administrative Staff are committed to engaging 100% of Bridger families impacted by the transition of Bridger to a K-5 for the next school year.

This week we started the Neighborhood Middle School Transition.

We had a virtual meeting on Monday evening:

The video of this meeting

The presentation we shared

The questions and answers document

On Thursday evening families were invited to a virtual meeting with Harrison Park:

The video of this meeting

The presentation shared

Here is the survey so that we can know what families are thinking about this transition and so that we know if you have any questions that need to be answered.

Starting the week of February 1st, if Bridger has not engaged you via meetings or survey, we will be calling you to discuss what these changes mean for your family.

Virtual Field Trip!

Middle school had their first virtual field trip this week! It was a musical concert by Black Violin and we look forward to more field trips as middle school as well as guest speakers. Thank you to our teachers and staff for continuing to support our students and always looking for ways to keep our students engaged during our virtual experience.

Ms. Roletto

Big picture
Big picture

6th Grade will be doing VIRTUAL Outdoor School starting next month! Student kits are ready for pick up at Supply Pickup

Heads up! We will have Reading and Math MAP testing in mid February

MS "Lunch Hangout Times"

Opportunities to connect w/ others and counselor:

Ms. Howard office hours: CODE: howardoffice - Fridays 9:40-10:20

6th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 6lunch - Mondays 12:30 - 1pm

7th/8th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 78lunch - Tues 12:30 - 1pm

Student Council – CODE: bridgerstudentcouncil – Fri 1:10–1:55pm

QSA Group – Email Ms. Howard for code - Fridays 2-2:30pm

Ms. Howard can be reached at 971-378-0470 or rhoward@pps.net

COUNSELOR WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/pps.net/bridger-k-8-counseling/home

Big picture

Google Meet Codes and Office Hour Codes

Most Middle School Office Hours will happen on Friday from 9:40 - 10:25am

Link to class and office hour codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes (updated)

Student Emails and Google Calendar

The middle school team will also expecting students to be checking their student email regularly.

  • Mr. Roletto will be sending information about activities throughout the year
  • Teachers will confirm appointments with students

It's a skill they will need to have when they get to high school and expected to use.

Also it will be important for students to use their email because we WANT to text students, but we aren't able to use REMIND messaging directly with students as some parents have asked because their is an age requirement that most of our students don't meet.

8th Grade High School Info - website

8th grade families -

I hope several of you had a chance to make it to the virtual info night. If not, you can go to the website for 8th grade information.


Organization tip for students - WATCH

Here is a way to organize the links and documents you want accessible right away when you start your day. Helps save time and you don't have to remember how to search for things.

Video link: Ms. Roletto's organization tip