Tuesday Tech Tidbit--11/11/14

A quick look at great technology to make your life easier

Google Drive Updates

You might have noticed Google Drive made some changes recently. Here are some of the most interesting updates...

The New Google Drive

The updated version of Google drive looks more lively and user-friendly. It is the same as the old Google drive but is faster and is more friendly.
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Automated Lists

You can now create automatic lists on Google drive. Type a number 1 and it will continue a numbered list for you.
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Spell Check in Google Sheets

The latest improvement to Spell Check is it's addition to Google Sheets. It resembles the way Spell Check works in Docs and Slides.
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Google+ Polls

Easily create interactive polls and share it with others.
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New features for Google Presentation

You can now easily edit and adjust images within Slides. Users can not only add borders to images but can also edit them without leaving the slide.
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Questions? Need help?

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