How To Grow Cantaloupe

By Jaslyn and Geon


To successfully complete the planting, you will need:

Three Cantaloupe seeds (fresh from fruit), a pot, soil, sticks, wire, and finally, a big garden bed where you can plant the Cantaloupe.

Step 1: Planting in the pot

First, fill the pot with soil until it reaches a half. Then poke a hole in the dirt, and then place the three Cantaloupe seeds into the hole, and then cover the hole with dirt.

Step 2: Care and patience

Now, you have to wait until a sprout grows. Every day, you have to water it and give it sunlight.
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Step 3: Moving the plant

Now what you have to do is check if your Cantaloupe sprout has turned into a seedling. If not, keep waiting. If it has, bring the pot outside to the garden bed and carefully move the plant into the garden bed plant the plant into the dirt.
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Step 4: More care and patience

Again, with patience, wait until the seedling turns into an adult plant. Still water and give the plant sunlight, as usual.
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Step 5: Attaching the stem

At this stage, you have to use the sticks and the wire. You have to push one stick into the dirt (if one breaks, use another one). Then you have to take the stem of the plant and tie the top of the stem to the stick with wire.
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Step 6: Even more care and patience

The step now is that you have to wait till you see Cantaloupe growing from the stem.
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Step 7: Enjoying the fruit

Finally, you can sit down and relax, and enjoy your homemade Cantaloupe!
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