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CHS opened its doors in the fall of 2010 with only 750 students. Today we have over 1700 students and offer a wide range of classes designed to meet the needs of today's learners.

CHS Final Exam Schedule

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Parking at CHS

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There are several reasons that attendance is a primary focus of any school. The primary factor is that attendance has a direct correlation to achievement. When students are not in class, they cannot learn the material being taught. Over time, absences can add up and may cause a student to lose credit for the class either by not passing the course or by missing more than the State allows. We hope that everyone will make attendance at school a priority.

College and Career Information

CHS College and Career Website College and Career Twitter College and Career Facebook Senior Info Junior Info

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships are in Career Cruising

Career Cruising Instructions (Video)

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You must complete this application to receive grants, scholarships, work study and/or loans for college. The FAFSA is also a requirement for the Burleson Opportunity Fund. The FAFSA is FREE Do not pay a third party site to fill out the FAFSA.

To complete the application visit:

College & Career Center

UTA GO Center

The GO Center is a part of the Centennial College and Career Center. GO Centers are staffed by UTA students from different majors and classifications who are trained on how to meet the needs of a diverse student population. UTA GO Center staff is trained to mentor high school students, provide tutoring, and guide them through the process that leads to college enrollment.

Parents must sign a permission slip so that the GO Center can evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the program.



SAT/ACT-- As a general rule, Juniors should take the SAT & ACT in the spring of their Junior year. Students should then retake one or both of the exams before applications are due in the fall/early spring of Senior year.

If you are on Free/Reduced lunch, contact Mrs. Pair to get a waiver to take the SAT and ACT for free. You will also get four College Application Fee Waivers!

CLICK HERE for ACT & SAT Registration Information


Bring your acceptance letters and scholarship information to the College and Career Center. We want all acceptance letters and scholarship awards even if you are not planning on attending the school or accepting the scholarship. If you turn in multiple acceptance letters, please indicate on the letter which one you plan to attend.


Students are expected to check their Hill College accounts once per day. Communication from Hill College goes directly to the student.

My Rebel (Account Info, Class Schedule, etc.)

Blackboard (Online Class Access)

Student Page- Great page to save to your Favorites Tab! (Links to Blackboard, MyRebel, Email, Bookstore, etc.)

Hill College Calendar (Class start/end dates, drop dates, etc.)

Hill College Contact Information
Burleson Campus 817.295.7392
Cleburne Campus 817.760.5500

From the Student Support Counselor

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, it is important to realize that although the majority of us look forward to this time of the year, for some, this is a difficult time. Stress and anxiety during the holiday season may cause even those who are normally content in their lives, some level of loneliness and lack of fulfillment. Plenty of people are unhappy at the holidays, even if they seem a part of the revelry. What can you do?

● Don’t set unattainable expectations. Don’t get stuck on how you’re supposed to feel or what the holidays are supposed to be like. Life isn’t a Hallmark card and if we try to live up to that holiday ideal, we will always fall short and be disappointed.

● Get out of the routine. Try something different if the prospect of doing what you normally do fills you with dread. Go to a movie. Go out to eat. Skip gift giving and donate to a favorite charity. Volunteer to feed homeless people.

● Reach out to your support system. Close friends and family can be a great source of support during the holidays.

● Sometimes, we are so worried and stressed about having a bad holiday and dreading the season, that it creates a sense of depression. Just like we don’t need to have the unattainably high expectation, we also don’t need to enter into the holiday season expecting it to be a disaster, either.

● Cut yourself some slack. So what if you don’t get the lights on the house this year? So what if you don’t put all the decorations out in the house? Worrying about these things only dampen your holiday spirit and in the end, are very trivial things at best.

● If you can avoid the things that you know ahead of time trigger your holiday stress, try to avoid them. Instead of spending an entire evening at a family or friend’s house that is a stressor, agree to come for a shortened period of time-maybe for an appetizer or just a quick stop to say hello. Stay in a hotel instead of at a relative’s house. You have more control than you might think.

● Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask for help putting out decorations, for cooking, running errands, etc.

● Don’t stress over things you cannot control. Remember, the only thing you can control is your reaction.

● Make new traditions. If there’s a tradition, or traditions, that have long outlived the point where anyone enjoys them, make some new ones. Create something more meaningful to you and your family.

● Find positive ways to remember lost loved ones. Do something active to honor their memory. For example, go to your Dad’s favorite restaurant with your siblings and toast to their memroy.

● Don’t overbook yourself. Pace yourself or you will get overwhelmed and agitated. Think about where you really want to be and what fits your schedule best, and choose these places to be.

● Don’t stay anywhere longer than you want. You don’t have to stay at a party until the very end. The fact that you have shown up shows that that was an important place for you to be. Everyone knows this is a busy time of the year and will appreciate any amount of time you can give.

● Have a plan of escape or partner in crime, so to speak. Arrange to go to a party with a friend and have an agreed upon time or signal for departure.

● Don’t feel that you have to give the perfect gift. Gift cards to a preferred restaurant or store allow the receiver to get that perfect gift for themselves.

● Shop online and avoid the stressor of long lines, crowds, traffic, etc.

● Stick to a budget.

● Try to stay on your same routine as much as possible. Staying up late for parties, gift wrapping, baking, etc. does nothing to improve your mood.

● Exercise. Exercise has strong anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects. Find ways to fit in a few extra steps.

● Eat sensibly. Although you will not be able to stick 100% to your diet or eating style, moderate unhealthy choices. Don’t beat yourself up, though, if you overindulge one night. Get back on track the next day and move forward.

● Try not to use alcohol as a means of alleviating that holiday stress. Alcohol is itself a depressant and will ultimately not do a thing to help your depressive mood.

● As the days get shorter, many feel a sense of sadness, and can be a sign of seasonal affective disorder. Sun lamps have been shown to help. Talk to your doctor to see if this might help you.

● Don’t miss medication doses. It’s easy to do during the hectic holiday season, but this will not help you out.

● If you already see a therapist, you may consider scheduling an extra session or two over the holidays.

● Give yourself a break. Don’t dwell on imperfections, things you’re not proud of, mistakes you’ve made, etc. It is a season of kindness and forgiveness. This goes towards yourself as well as others.

As always, I am just a phone call or e-mail away. Reach out with concerns or questions.

Christine Massey, M.S., LPC

Student Support Counselor


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This Week's "Spartan Spotlight"

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CHS Events for the Week of 12/4/2017

Monday, December 4th

  • English 1 EOC Retakes
  • Cross Country Banquet in the Cafeteria - 6:30

Tuesday, December 5th

  • Algebra 1 EOC Retakes
  • 9th Girls Basketball vs. Joshua at CHS - 5:00
  • JV Girls Basketball vs. Joshua at CHS - 5:00
  • Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Joshua at CHS - 6:30
  • JV/Varsity Wrestling Tournament at Frisco Liberty HS - 6:00
  • Boys Soccer Parent Meeting in Seminar C - 6:00

Wednesday, December 6th

  • English 2 EOC Retakes
  • Jostens taking Graduation orders during lunches
  • Boys Basketball Spaghetti Dinner in the Cafeteria - 6:00

Thursday, December 7th

  • Biology EOC Retakes
  • 9th A Boys Basketball Tournament at Martin HS
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament at Grace Prep Academy
  • Jostens taking Graduation orders during lunches
  • Swim Meet in Frisco
  • Girls Soccer Parent Meeting in Seminar C - 6:00
  • Choir Booster Club Meeting in the Choir Room - 6:30

Friday, December 8th

  • U.S. History EOC Retakes
  • 9th A Boys Basketball Tournament at Martin HS
  • JV Wrestling Tournament at Weatherford HS
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament at Grace Prep Academy

Saturday, December 9th

  • 9th A Boys Basketball Tournament at Martin HS
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament at Grace Prep Academy
  • ACT at BHS - 8:00
  • Band Phase 2 & 9th Grade Auditions - Keller Timber Creek HS
  • Varsity Wrestling Tournament at Weatherford HS
  • Swim Meet in Frisco
  • Choir "Feast of Carols" - 7:00


Principal - 817.245.0259

Associate Principal - 817.245.0263

Delta House (Students Last Names A-G) - 817.245.0284

Principal - Charles Etheridge

Counselor - Ashley Aaron

Secretary - Nancy Gonzalez

Lambda House (Students Last Names H-Ph) - 817.245.0288

Principal - Scott Shaha

Counselor - Heather Chandler

Secretary - Keri Kirby

Zeta House (Students Last Names Pi-Z) - 817.245.0302

Principal - Jennifer Culpepper

Counselor - Mia Thurman

Secretary - Kenna Clark