Mrs. Brudwick

by Mekhi Collins

Do you know someone who is intelligent and is a great story teller? Someone who has 1 sister and 2 brothers? Well I do, and she's very nice and teaches like there ids no tomorrow . Her name is Mrs. Brudwick and she is the one who I'm talking about.

Early Life

In Mrs. Brudwick's early life ,this happened; When she was 4yrs old ,she would suck on her fingers. She was talking to santa on tv and said ,"If I get the doll I want i will stop sucking on my fingers. That christmas she stopped sucking on her fingers and got her doll.

Famous For

Mrs. Brudwick is famous for running, and teaching. First, for teaching she is the best teacher ever and always has fun. She has also been teaching for 25 yrs now. She has also been running for 36 yrs. She has done tons of marathons. Her longest run was 50 miles.
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Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Mrs. Brudwick. She has 1 brother and 2 sisters, when she used to work on the farm she had to cut off baby pigs tails and give them shots. She has three children and her favorite color is purple.
After all Mrs. Brudwick is very funny and is fun to be around. So i recomend running with her sometime, get to know her. She is an awesome friend will never change, and that was the story about my awesome friend Mrs. Brudwick.