Adopt a Husky Today!

Consider getting our family a husky

We need a new dog to freshen up the household

Our dogs frequently lay around the house and do nothing. Their physical activity is sparse. I barely ever see them playing "tug-a-war" or "catch". All they do is lick the couch or the floor. A new dog (preferably a husky) would be a great way to freshen up ours and our dogs lives.

Why a Husky?

We should get a husky because they are fun, energetic, and loyal. I feel they would be very loving and wouldn't cause any trouble with our current dogs. Another reason I would pick a husky is they are beautiful dogs. They are my favorite dog just because of how pretty they are. A final reason I would pick a husky is their so gentle, and kind.

here are some of the huskys from the site

Guaranteed they'll be worth every pennny!


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