Vaccination Argument Project

By: John Kiersznowski


I think that parents should be able to refuse vaccinations because vaccinations are not always good for people. Vaccination's purposes are to prevent children from disease and keep them healthy, but not all kids are the same. Like expected the same vacs make different children react differently. Vacs should be altered for different kinds children. Parents should have the right to refuse the risk of maybe healing your child or maybe making your perfectly fine child sick.

The doctors debate reasons (Pro)

The doctors debate shares two doctors personal experience of making their perfectly healthy children sick because of vacs. They shared how hard it was to realize what they've done and do it again risking it with their other children. The doctors also talk about how vacs are not specified for different children but they are altered lots of times for better performance. The last thing I took note of is the right for parents to just say no.

Catherine Saint Louis reasons (Pro)

The average kid has 29 shots before the age of 6. Sometimes several at one time. This is hard on the human body. Many parents limit the number of shots at one time or even delay. Most parents need counseling to have their kids get vacs a reason for that

The doctors debate (Con)

If you get measles it could physically effect other and that is not fair to others. It also can get your own kid sick if you avoid vacs.

Andrea Gay (Con)

If your don't take vacs and get sick your run the risk of effecting other peoples wallets and that's not fair to them. I think it is wrong to cost people lots and lots of money, time, and even emotional states of not just them but other people close to them.


Vacs are highly recommended to keep children safe from diseases. Most parents fear these vacs because they are known to cause sickness or even death. The problem with not taking these vacs is that if you don't take them and you get infected than your actions (not taking the vacs) effect others because of the contagiousness some diseases may contain. But after all consider I think that parents should be able to say no to vaccination shots. Even though consequences could be crucial I think that it is not considerate to just assume other value vaccinations like you do. because for all you know the persons perspective on vacs could be completely different from yours and I don't think you should be able to decide its important for them. parents should be able to say no.