Mrs. Daley's Summer #bookaday

"Books are uniquely portable magic." -Stephen King

Introducing Mrs. Daley

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a third grade teacher at Canandaigua Primary-Elementary school (soon to be 2nd grade teacher), who has a deep love of children's literature and feels passionate about spreading the book love. Below you will find information about how to keep your child reading this summer, the #bookaday project that I will be posting about, and some great picture book and chapter books that will be sure to delight readers of all ages. I hope you find this information valuable and can help be a champion for children's literature and reading! Enjoy and keep reading!

5 Ways to Make Summer Readers

1. Go to where the books are! - This summer take time to visit places that are chock full of books. Head to the Wood Library and visit with the librarians for great recommendations. Go to bookstores to browse books. You just might find some "best friend" books there (books you will read over and over again). Don't forget to check out all the garage sales too for great book finds. When children have a chance to touch books, read the blurbs on the back, or check out their illustrations it will build their excitement about reading!

2. Make it social event! - Having friends over this summer - why don't you create your own book club. Whether it is generated by a librarian or your own personal book club - kids love to get together and talk about their opinions about what they read. You can do this for chapter books and picture books too! Don't forget to check out the fabulous reading programs at the Wood Library or local bookstores, as well.

3. Search out fab new reads! - Start conversations with your friends and neighbors about what you are reading. Ask them for recommendations - you might be surprise at what titles come your way. Look at different author/publishers' websites or twitter for the latest news on books. Check out the #bookaday or #titletalk on Twitter or The Nerdy Book Club website. You can follow along with me on Twitter (@Ddaleyeducator) for my #bookaday recommendations all summer long too!

4. Create a routine (but keep it fun and flexible)! - Creating a routine for children to keep them reading all summer long is important. Maybe you read right before bed or first thing in the morning. However, it is summer so this is the perfect time to spice things up a little too. Maybe read outside, read on the swings, read ghost stories in a tent, or read to your neighbors. Just have some fun!

5. Keep books handy everywhere! - No one wants to be caught in a reading emergency so keep books handy everywhere you go. Keep them in your car. Stuck in traffic on your way to the perfect vacation spot - no problem break out a book. Keep them in your swim/beach bag - now you have go to books while you are hanging out on the beach. When books are present, you never know when your child will pick one up to read.

Ideas generated with help from Mrs. Pernille Ripp and her blog, The Adventures in Mrs. Ripp's class.

Also check out Olivia Van Ledtje's blog ( and twitter paage (@thelivbits) for more great ideas to inspire everyone to read all summer long.

Follow Mrs. Daley's #bookaday Challenge

The #bookaday challenge was created by Donalyn Miller several years ago as a public commitment to read more over the summer. It is now celebrating it's ninth anniversary. Since then teachers and students from around the world have joined in the #bookaday fun. This summer if you are looking for some great book recommendations you can follow me, Mrs. Daley, on Twitter (@Ddaleyeducator) as I share the book I am reading each day. You can also read my Mrs. Daley's #bookaday Highlights smore each month, as I recap the fabulous books I have read. Join me on my #bookaday journey and commit yourself to reading a little more and sharing the book love!

Great Summer Picture Books

Sensational Summer Chapter Books & Graphic Novels

Poetry Books and Novels in Verse

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