5 Online Educational Games

Students Will Enjoy

Cargo Bridge

Fans of games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope will enjoy the physics based puzzles of “Cargo Bridge”. Charged with building bridges to help your workers get cargo back to base, the game is a treat for any aspiring engineers. Using applied physics and enginutiy, students will really enjoy playing as well as gaining an understanding for laws of force and gravity.

Cargo screenshot - game link

Little Alchemy

Not as animated or graphically advanced as other games for school, Little Alchemy is still totally addictive. Following a very simple concept, students are given four base elements (water, fire, earth, air) with which to create new ones. For example, water + fire gives you the new element of steam. Yes, sounds simple, but you just keep wanting to see what else can be made.

Alchemy screenshotgame link


Word2 could be described as super, hyper, mega scrabble. With a board so large it requires a map, students are challenged to create words with letters in their deck. There is the option to login and play against friends that gives the game a distinct social element. On top of this students are given achievement awards as they progress and improve their scores.

Word2 screenshot - game link

Planeto Quiz

Who doesn’t love game-shows? Planeto Quiz gives your students the opportunity to be on their own quiz show, playing against friends and others all over the world. Just like a real quiz show, their are a variety of question on Geography, Personalities, Science, etc and also fun games like guess the face, quiz race and more. Tens,e but a whole lot of fun.

Planeto screenshot - game link

Qbox – Wisdom Of The Ages

Another word game, Qbox is a bit different to your standard literary challenge. Students are given a phrase from either ‘old times’, ‘middle ages’ or ‘modern times’ where all the letters are mixed up. The task is then re-arrange letters in each column to complete the quote. A lot of fun, Qbox challenges both word skills and general knowledge.

Qbox screenshot - game link