Greyhound Gazette

Nov. 14th -Nov. 18th


Midterms will be sent home on Wednesday, November, 16th. Please make sure to stay up to date on Power School.

School Safety Drill

We will be having our first intruder drill on Tuesday afternoon. Students will practice how to lockdown. We will announce that this is a lockdown drill and students will practice getting out of sight. Teachers will talk with students about where to go in the classroom on Monday. If you would like your student to opt out, please call the office and let us know.

1st Annual Homecoming Parade

We are so excited to start planning our 1st annual Homecoming Parade. We are hoping to make this a large event that will continue for years to come. We are excited to bring the community and school together to celebrate. Our parade will be on December 2nd at 1:15pm. Please look for the flyers for more information. We would love the community to come out and support.