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A psychotic disorder that causes severe mental disturbances that disrupt thoughts, speech, and behavior.


Schizophrenia is a high risk mental disorder. People with schizophrenia that is untreated could end up homeless, in jail (because of unpredictable behavior), a substance abuser, or even dead. It is a very serious disease that can cause hallucinations, delusion, affected speech or social withdraw. Many patients with schizophrenia end up at a hospital at an early age because of their behavior. When diagnosed with schizophrenia there is an average delay of 10 years from the first symptoms to get the correct diagnosis.


Complex interactions between biological and environmental factors. It can also happen because it is hereditary.
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Hallucination, delusion, blunted effect, inability to start or follow through with activities, affected speech, lack of interest in life, social withdraw, or confused thinking
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Gender/Age tendencies

Affects/develops earlier in men than women


Typical anti psychotic medications such as clozapine, chlorpromine, haloperidol,and nicotine. Some people also choose to put family or friends in mental hospitals.

3 Agencies

International Schizophrenia foundation-16 Florence Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 1E9 Tel. (416) 733-2117

Stanley Medical Research- 10605 Concord Street, Suite 206 Kensington, MD 20895 phone: 301-571-0760

The Kim Foundation- C&A Plaza 13609 California Street Ohmaha, NE 68154 phone:402-891-6911


Don't let the voices in your head control your actions!
Schizophrenia Simulated