East Wilkes High School Newsletter

February 2023

Cardinal Real World Conference

The Cardinal Real World Conference will be held on March 1st. Student council members should see Mr. Gentry for more information.

Graduation Project Due Dates

February 16th - GP 3 Mentor Confirmation

Next Month:

March 27th - Research Paper Rough Draft (Honors Class) / Annotated Bibliography (Regular Class)

March 31st - Research Paper FINAL Draft (Honors Class)

Prom Song Requests

Go to the student canvas page or click the button above to request songs for this special night! Only appropriate music without explicit lyrics will be accepted. All requests are due by February 24th.


2/28 @ Home vs. West Wilkes - Baseball

2/28 @ North Wilkes - Softball

2/28 @ Home vs. West Wilkes - Women’s Soccer

2/28 @ Home vs. Alexander Central - Men’s Tennis

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