Stepping Into 6th Grade

May 11th - May 15th

Advisory Check In Form

Please have your student fill out this Advisory Check-in Form.

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Please make sure your 6th Grader:

    • Responds to the Google form their Advisory teacher included in the newsletter. (REQUIRED: Weekly Check-In)

    • Check email and Google Classroom daily

Please encourage your 6th Grader to do the following in their Google Classroom:


Students should be reading 30 or more minutes every day!

This is the most important work they can do while they are at home. To make the next few weeks easier on everyone, we are going to be assigning Scholastic Work At Home. This will give work for students to do each day that will require them to read and write. This week they will be working on Day 6-10.

Ms. K. Clark:

Mrs. L. Clark:

Ms. Hervey:


We have 3 videos with Google Forms again this week. This week we are starting Unit 6: Expressions and Equations. This is the unit that we were working on right before we had to leave. We will look at writing expressions and equations from stories, solving these equations, and looking at what the solution to the equation means in the story. Then, we will be looking closer at exponents. We talked about this briefly before we left, so if you need extra help with this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Don't forget to check your Google Classroom everyday! If you want notifications on when videos are posted, you can subscribe to Ms. Grant's YouTube Channel!

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Ms. Grant:

Ms. Lechiara:


Each week, your student will have a new project to complete. The projects cover standards taught throughout the year. This week, your student will work on understanding Earth’s geological history.

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Ms. Hemken:

Ms. Doering:

Social Studies

Continue with the Review and Enrichment choice activities. Slides 2-7 are for review and slides 8-11 are for enrichment. Enrichment suggestions can be done with various historical topics and people of the student’s choice. Review work should be attempted if a student has a 1 or 2 on a topic to “level up” on the standard or just because the student wants to explore beyond what was taught in class. Students should communicate what they are working on with their teacher via Google Classroom private comment or an email. Students should cite their research sources and make sure they either summarize what they learned or paraphrase the author’s information so they don’t get in the habit of plagiarizing others' work.

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Mr. Hoskins:,

Mrs. Windmann:

6th Grade Meeting Schedule

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Explo Newsletter

Extra practice:

  • Math: Students can access and play Prodigy through the 6th Grade Website. As well, practice problems for each unit can be accessed on and select problems from each Unit will be turned into a Google Form for you to check your answers.
  • ELA: Students can go back to other weeks and do activities to review inferring, drawing conclusions, main idea and details,context clues and figurative language. Students can also practice writing by doing some Sacred Writing or getting writing ideas from the 6th Grade ELA Website.
  • SS: Students can access Mr. H’s website through Google Classroom and go back through previous units and visit the All Done, Choose One page for more enrichment opportunities. You can also email Mrs. Windmann for a breakout challenge!
  • Science: Students can access and play Legends of Learning and other awesome activities through the 6th Grade Website.

Chromebook Issues?

How to Check You Child's Google Classroom

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