Earth Day

Save our Earth!

Ways To Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

We can save our Earth in many simple ways. We should take care of our earth because that is all of our home. The first way we can save our earth is by throwing away our trash weather it is the recycling or in the trash can. We can reuse many items such as paper to save our trees. We can save our Earth in many ways so we should all try of these ideas to help save our Earth!

History About Earth Day

Earth day has been celebrated for many years. It started in the year 1970 and Mr. Nelson wanted to keep our earth green so he created this national holiday. April 22nd is the official day of "national day for the environment". More than 20 million people across the world celebrate this holiday for out earth. Mr. Nelson wanted to encourage others to reduce reuse and recycle!
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Interesting Facts About The Earth

Humans represent 5% of the earth but we throw away about 30% of the earths trash. Just to throw away trash the U.S has to pay 100 billion dollars. We can lower that price by so much just by doing simple things everyday. So try and help our earth!
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On this website I found ways to Reduce Reuse and Recycle at school. To Reduce for lunch everyday we can limit the amount of plastic bags we bring our sandwich and snacks in.


On the same website I found we can reuse by writing with refillable pens instead of disposable ones. Also in our classroom we usally have a bin with scrap paper. We can reuse by using all sides of the paper instead of a little space when there is a lot more. These are some ways we can reuse.
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