Andrew Jackson: Zero

How this "Hero" is Destroying Our Nation

An Unconstitutional Man

Moving the Cherokee Indians off their own land was something Jackson was motivated to do. He took away their homes piece by piece, until the Cherokees had enough. They decided to be very civil and sue for thier rights. In the court case Worcester vs. Georgia, the Native Americans stated that Jackson had no right to kick out their own people. John Marshall, the Supreme Court Justice, agreed that what our president was doing was unconstitutional and the Cherokees won their case, now giving them protection against the National Army. Jackson completely ignored their given right and marched on to their land and shipped them off to Oklahoma. In doing this, Andrew Jackson over used his power and threw away our Constitution, becoming a tyrant.

The Spoils System that's Only Spoiling our Government

When Jackson was running for office, he promised that in exchange for political backing he would find any white man of age a place in our government. From the outside this seems like a good idea; but when you look deeper, you see how corrupt it really is. This system is known as the Spoils System, I'm guessing the name comes from how it's spoiling our government. Jackson is giving completely inexperienced, "common men" jobs that require political expertise and knowledge. An average Joe isn't fit to become our nation's next Secretary of War. Not only is he risking the safety of our Nation, he's firing the good people to make room for the others. Do you really want your life in the hands of your next door neighbor, Maureen?

War Hero?

Andrew Jackson is well-known and liked from his "win" at the Battle of New Orleans. But really, what did he win? The Battle of New Orleans shouldn't even be classified as a battle; it took place after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, ending the War of 1812 with no clear winner. For Jackson to consider this a victory is just pure desperation. How should the loss of innocent lives for no clear cause ever be considered a good thing?

This political cartoon provides a visual as to how destructive the Spoils System is.

Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14