Lillie Autobiography



My family is my mom she is 28,my step dad Jacob is 30,and my brother Xane is 10 .Also I have my dads family so there is my step mom Becky she is 29,my step brother Logan is 9,and my half brother Jackson is a month and a half also my dad he is 30.


I love to play soccer all the time I started because of my ant she said I should try and also I like to draw and do arts and crafts.I love to pet my dog to and when it gets dark I play on my phone.Sometimes I go to the park to play soccer and tag.

Fun Facts

When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player and maybe a dog trainer also I want to live in New York! I love New York and think it is really cool and pretty.Also in Winter I love to eat cookies and drink hot coco!