Computer Hardware

2nd Year ICT

Hard Drive and SSD

A hard drive is a component in computers, game consoles, laptops and other devices. Its purpose is to store data on your device, and can act as a retrieving device in case of accidental deletion or damage.

SSD (solid state drive) is used in smaller devices such as phones, music players and other devices. They are much smaller than a hard drive but are faster and more expensive because they are the latest in new technology. Unlike hard drives SSD have no moving parts in them so it is sturdier and has a lesser chance of malfunctioning.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

A CPU (sometimes just called a processer) is a component in a computer which contains something called a microprocessor. The microprocessor is essential to the computers operations and the processor. The whole computers performance relies on the processor. The processor basically gives orders to the rest of the computer. It is commonly reffered to as the 'brain' of the computer.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the main cicuit board and everything- inside and out of the computer is connected to it in some sort of way. It also means if a specific part of the computer has malfunctioned, it can be replaced easily, without replacing the motherboard aswell. The motherboard is often referred to as the 'heart of the computer'. Without the motherbord the computer cannot work.


RAM stands for random access memory. All computers need a buffer to store information while its being proccesseed. Both a fast CPU and a good amount of RAM are nessecary for a speedy computer. Every computer has a maximum amount of RAM it can handle, and slots on the motherboard indicate the type of RAM the computer requires.


The monitor displays all of your current activity on the screen of your computer. Without it, you would not understand what you are doing on your computer as easily as you do if there was no monitor. This is because the monitor allows you to visually proccess what you are doing(in other words it lets you see your computer screen).


Inputs are devices like the keyboard and the mouse. They are manual input devices that you plug in to the computer. They are seperate from the computer and are usually not sold with it.An output device is any piece of computer hardwate equipment used to communicate the results of data proccessing carried out by a computer which converts the information into human-readable form.