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NYC Jewish History

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NYC Jewish History carved in Jewish Museums NYC

There is no one way to be Jewish, in fact there are many. You can worship like a Jewish, you can become Jewish just in your thinking, or wearing a necklace based on your birth star, or just have a Jewishphilosophy. But the Jewish history is gives every person in community the same cultural look, doesn’t matter where he comes from. Asking a Jewish about his location of origin is considered to be something very huge. We all like to know about our histories and museums are a fine way of knowing that.

One such place is the Elbridge Street where there is a museum said to be one of the first worship centers build by Jewish people. Although people think this place is the oldest you can see in America, there are lot of other places of importance for the Jewish people and each of them have their own historical importance. But that does not really matter. What matters is that there has been some presence reflecting that culture!

Present Day

The November 14, 2015, will mark the 129th anniversary of the starting date of construction of the well-known Museum atthe Eldridge Street, which later came to be known as the Eldridge Street Synagogue. Back in1886, on that date a community of Jewish immigrants gathered together for an auspicious occasion with celebration at the Lower East Side including many important persons of that time from Christian and Jewish communities. But what remained as the aftereffect of that occasion are the old newspaper reports only. The start of construction started soon and the magnificent building in its architecture, finished its construction a year later.

What is carved in the depths?

And inside the Museumdepths, we can witness hints to how this new community and culture came up and got established. There are always more accounts of any event than meets the eye. One has to look deeper and closer to find those details that will be beneficial. When visiting these museums built in America, the pride that swells a Jewish person’s chest is immense. Who does not like an acknowledgement of their culture and heritage? And it is the same acknowledgement that has brought these museums into existence. The immense celebrations that are held through family tours, couple tours and various other ways to promote visitations has a very positive effect on the overall Jewish population. There are various packages you can get to see a lot more in a lot less money. It is always a pleasure to visit such museums with family and friends while going through the history. The kids especially enjoy the visual feedback they get. The parents also enjoy taking a break from the usual hustle bustle of a very hectic life. It is a great thing that such museums are doing by preserving history.


The mission behind the building of the museum is to preserve the national religious heritage. This also include running of lot of educational institutions, to teach the coming generations about religious customs and thoughts.

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