The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson

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December 3, 2015

Today's VIP Folder should include:

  • Graded papers

Important Info:

  • Interims will be issued tomorrow. Please sign and return the report card cover and keep the Interim.
  • Reading Goal Sheets are due before we leave for Winter Break, and the Industrial Revolution and Immigration social studies test is tentatively scheduled for December 17th.

Henry Ford's Assembly Line Simulation

After reading and comparing informational texts about Henry Ford and the importance of the assembly line, students participated in an assembly line simulation. Everyone quickly learned how mass production played a major role in the progression of the Industrial Revolution of the early 1900s. Be sure to ask your child what role they played in the assembly line simulation!
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Book Clubs

Book Clubs are progressing nicely! Book club conversations are becoming a lot more focused! Students are beginning to have discussions around the author's use of characterization, and they are learning to ask each other important questions about the plot and unknown words. During these last weeks before Winter Break, we will wrap up this round of book clubs with book club projects instead of writing book reviews. When you get a chance, ask your child how being in a book club is helping him or her grow as a reader, speaker, and listener.
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Mitten Tree

Dutch Fork Elementary will sponsor a Mitten Tree project during the holiday season. Students, staff and community members may donate mittens, gloves, hats and socks, and hang them on the tree in the school's cafeteria lobby. Donated items will be given to a local charity to distribute to families in need during the winter months. Donations will be accepted from Nov. 30 until Dec. 18.

Classmate Interviews

Meet Jeffery by Jalesa

You won’t believe me if i told you. Ok i’ll tell you I got to interview Jeffrey Carnes. It was awesome and cool! I asked him if he had one wish what would it be? He said to be the richest man on Earth! I ask him who was his favorite sibling? He said his little brother because he's not mean. My favorite sibling is my brother too.Then i asked him what the scariest moment in his life was? He said when his dad went to Afghanistan. I bet that was terrifying! I asked him would he rather have family or gold? He said family because he loves his family! Then i asked him what famous person would he like to met, and he said the person who plays the joker in bat man. I love watching batman also!

Meet Jalynn by Anthony

Jalynn wants to be a teacher because she wants to help kids learn in school and help them learn how to prepare for the future. She also wants kids to get a good education in school so they can get a good job in life.