Tragic Ending for Gatsby!

By:Alyssa Luttrell


It was seen that a Yellow Cab had just came up out of no where and struck the mistress, killing her instantly! People say that Gatsby didn't even try to brake or swerve out of the way to miss her!

Wilson's Statement:

Wilson said that he had just found that Daisy was sleeping around with another man but didn't know who! But, people say It was Gatsby! He noted that he loved her dearly and did everything and would do anything for her!

Few Days later

Gatsby Was found Shot once in the chest floating in the pool, Wilson maybe 50 ft from him with a bullet to his head, suggesting that he committed suicide! The police late that night found the Bright Yellow Cab in the garage with the matching dents and broken window! Gatsby was going to jail either way!


It was said that a rumor was told that Daisy and Gatsby, use to be romantically involved back in the days! Daisy has deny's all the information given but nobody's really sure if they quite believe her!!