Brave or Just Doing The Right Thing


The freedom riders were very special. what did they do?

What did they do and when did it happen?

the freedom riders began there little but long journey in 1961. the freedom riders had started off as some black and white college students who were looking for some freedom for the black communities.

What happened during the ride?

The freedom riders were suppose to end up in New Orleans but ended up just making it to Mississippi. The reason they didn't make it to there original destination was because the buses were bombed.
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How is it conected to the civil rights movement?

Its considered a part of our civil rights movement because they were fighting against the segregation to the black community. It was an organized event, all the people in it were voluntary.

What was successful?

The successful thing was that they didn't make it as far as they probably wanted to but they did make it far and were all over the news paper which moved people in a way to become less segregated.

What all happened to the people on the bus?

One of the buses was bombed by a KKK member. They tried to keep them in the bus so they would die and be burned alive. And some of the white people and KKK beat up some of the freedom riders.
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How can the event be connected to today?

Today African-Americans can ride the buses be free to sit where ever they like and go to school. Because of the freedom riders, black people can do what they want to sit where they want to and drink from where they want.

What is or reaction to this event?

Why were all these people being so rude to the black people they truly didn't do anything to the white people. Was it truly the black peoples reason for racism.