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Parent Newsletter - September 2017

Welcome back to books - we missed you!

Students have been so excited to start checking out books again this school year.

  • Our library has open access throughout the school day for students in all grades to visit with teacher permission.
  • Please stress the importance of proper book care to your child. Lost or damaged books must be paid for by cash or check before checking out new books.
  • If your child does lose or damage a book, we cannot accept replacement books purchased by parents because of the special binding needed for library circulation.

Family Library Hours have moved to TUESDAYS!

Beginning in September, students can visit our library with a parent on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 - 5:30. This will give our students and families additional time to check out books, take AR tests, use maker spaces or just relax and read together!

Be sure to park in the lot near the music room (or behind the school near the PE field). The front doors are locked daily at 3:30.

Sunshine State Reader Book Trailer (Grades 3-5)

Watch this video to learn more about this year's Sunshine State Reader books. Forms will be given out in September but students (and parents) can begin reading these books now.


If you cleaned out your child's bookshelf this summer and have used children's book looking for a new home, our library would love your donations!

We host a used book sale twice each year (that coincides with our book fairs) for 50 cents each and our students just LOVE the bargain shopping! However, our used book inventory has gotten low and we would greatly appreciate donations!

Send in your empty tissue boxes-we are using them to keep the fiction books in place on the shelves!

We have eBooks! These can be read online with internet access! Ebooks for older students can be "checked out" and downloaded to a device.

Interested in helping out? Email Mrs. Stringfellow

Here are some ways to help our library program:

  1. Reshelve books and straighten shelves
  2. Read a favorite story to a kindergarten class
  3. Volunteer to help with our book fairs (Fall - October 9-13 and Spring - Early May)
  4. Donate your used children's books to our Used Book Sale
  5. Donate legos, building blocks, K'Nex or other items to build and create Makerspaces