United Arab Emirates

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Country Basics

Name: United Arab Emirates

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Flag Meaning: According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the United Arab Emirates flag represent the following:

  • White - peace and honesty
  • Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
  • Green - hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance
  • Black - the defeat of enemies or determination

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Location: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is located in the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The UAE borders Oman and Saudi Arabia. The UAE shares sea borders with Qatar and Iran.

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Landforms: Most of the United Arab Emirates is a desert wasteland, with large, rolling sand dunes. The outer reaches of the Rub' Al Khali Desert stretch into the UAE.
The coastal areas fronting the Persian Gulf are flat. The Hajar Mountains makeup the landscape in the northeast. Jabal Yibir, the country's highest point, is located in the mountains, which rises to 5,666 ft. (1,727 m).
There are no large rivers or lakes.
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Landmarks: Burj Dubai is one landmark, and is currently the tallest skyscraper built by man. Other landmarks include Grand Mosque, Jumeirah Mosque and Palm Islands.

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Major Bodies of Water: Persian Gulf and Gulf of Omen; there are no major rivers or lakes.

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Human Environment Interaction:

The location of the UAE allows for transport of crude oil.

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The UAE is a Federation. It was formed in 1971 by seven emirates (political territories, political rulers) known as the Trucial States—Abu Dhabi (the largest), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. The UAE is governed by a Federal Supreme Council made up of the seven emirs of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain, a federal president, and prime minister.

The government is elected by the Supreme Council, the presidency and prime minister ship are essentially hereditary: Currently, the emir of Abu Dhabi holds the presidency, and the emir of Dubai is prime minister

Rights, roles and responsibilities of citizens: citiziens are listed as "not free"; women have fewer rights than men and must ask permission to marry or remarry; flogging and stoning is legal; treatment of migrant workers in the UAE has been likened to "modern-day slavery.

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The United Arab Emirates is a very rich country. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United Arab Emirates was worth 383.80 billion US dollars in 2012. The GDP value of the United Arab Emirates represents 0.62 percent of the world economy.

The dirham (Arabic: درهم ‎) (sign: د.إ; code: AED) is the currency of the UAE.

The main export is oil.

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The life expectancy is 77.09 years.

The birth rate is 15.54 births/1,000 population.

The literacy rate in 2005 (adult, total) was 90%.

There are two main sources of water in Abu Dhabi Emirate: Desalinated seawater and groundwater.

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Clothing worn in the UAE follows traditional Islamic and Muslim Clothing attire worn in other Arab countries.

Arabic is the official language; however English is widely spoken and used as a second language in commerce.

Liwa is a type of music and dance enjoyed in the country. Many common songs from America are found on the top 20 charts in the UAE. Love Me Like You Do (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack) is currently on the top 20 chart in the United Arab Emirates.


January 1

New Year's Day

Ra's as-Sana al-meladiah

رأس السنة الميلادية

May 27

The Night Journey

Al-Isra'a wal-Mi'raj

الإسراء والمعراج

July 28

End of Ramadan

Eid ul-Fitr

عيد الفطر

October 4

Day of the Sacrifice

Eid ul-Adha

عيد الأضحى

October 25

Islamic New Year

Ra's as-Sana al-Hijria

رأس السنة الهجرية

December 2

National Day

Yawm al watani

اليوم الوطني

Islam is the largest and the official state religion of the UAE. Islam teaches that there is one God in the universe. Islam holds to the ministerial office of prophet. Islam believes in the afterlife.

The traditional food of the Emirates has always been rice, fish, and mea (lamb, mutton, goat and beef). People living in the UAE eat most of their foods from other West and South Asian countries including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India. Seafood is a common food . Popular beverages are coffee and tea.

Cricket is the most popular sport in the country; however football and formula one are also popular. People living in the UAE also enjoy many of the same things that Americans enjoy including music and entertainment.

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General Weather: The United Arab Emirates Climate is very hot because of its desert landscape. It is sunny all year round and between June and September temperatures can soar to 113 degrees. It can be cooler in the eastern mountains.

Average Yearly Rainfall: the average rainfall is about 3.7 inches per year

Average Yearly Temperature: between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius

Effect climate has on country: The UAE is a desert and has limited rivers and lakes; however it is surrounded by a large body of water with allows for the transport of its main resource: oil.


After the collapse of the world pearl market in the early 20th century, the coast had sunk into poverty. However, UAE leaders began discussing oil exploration in the area in 1939. The first cargo of crude oil left Abu Dhabi in 1962. This led to Dubai becoming a leader in oil export in 1969.

In December 1971, the United Arab Emirates (Trucial States) declares independence from UK
and Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah & Umm ak Qiwain form United Arab Emirates

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Compare and Contrast (UAE and United States of America)

Compare and Contrast USA and UAE


USA Government: Democracy


UAE Government: Federation including a President and Prime Minister

USA Human Rights: Freedom


UAE Human Rights: Considered to be “Not Free”


USA and UAE Entertainment: Top 20 charts for both countries similar; Love me Like You Do is on the USA and UAE top 20 chart

USA and UAE Holiday: January 1 is New Year’s Day in both countries


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