College and Educational Requirements


  • Doctorate in anthropology
  • Masters in anthropology
  • One or more foreign language
  • Graduate High school

College Options

Penn State

Over 24 campuses across Pennsylvania, University Park being the largest. A major research university with over 40,000 students. Beaver stadium is currently the largest in North America.

Over 160 majors, Three anthropology majors: Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Archaeological Science

Student to teacher ratio, 17 to 1

Tuition about $48,560

Reed College

Located in Portland, Oregon the college enrolls around 1,400 undergraduates each year form all over the world. Reed is considered one of the most intellectual colleges in the nation.

The school offers over 40 majors and programs and over 45+ anthropology courses

Student to faculty ratio, 9 to 1, average class size 17

Tuition: About $47,500

University of Michigan

First established in 1817, the states oldest university. Located in Ann Arbor. The school has a very high research activity an offers doctoral degrees in humanities, social sciences, and STEM field.

The department offers 4 field anthropology: Anthropological Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology

25+ anthropology programs

Student to faculty ratio, 16 to 1

Tuition: About $57,780